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7 Cutesy Home Accessories To Get You In That Vacation Mood!

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With summer on in full swing, our Goa plans are finally coming true… in our dreams. The torturous heat calls for lounging at the beach in the coolest pair of shorts you own, but try doing that in Mumbai. Apart from the ogling, you’re probably going to get some sort of skin disease from all the filth at the beach. So yeah, there goes your beach plan.

If like me, you have no leaves left for a quick beach getaway, or no money for a vacation cruise… I have the perfect… should I say, hack? Vacation-inspired décor #FTW!

Give your room a makeover like summer sprinkled its magic all over it, with all things that spell summer vacation!

Scroll down for the the cutest decor pieces you’ll see this season!

Chip And Dip Tray With Bowl (Rs 1,250)

This tray is the virtual definition of summer!


Mangopeople Mermaid Tail Blanket (Rs 1,999)

With this heat on, I’m pretty sure your air conditioners are working non-stop, and the perfect buddy for you in this scenario is a mermaid blanket.


Propshop 24 Tea Infuser (Rs 350)

Sea Lion tea infuser is for all the chai addicts in the house!


Propshop 24 Sea Horse Cushion (Rs 799)

Okay. This is too damn adorable!


The Wishing Chair Sea Shells Stackable Mugs (Rs 1,650)

For everyone who loves the lighter side of summer.


Sailor Stripes Storage Bin (Rs 2,999)

Ahoy! All aboard!


Tea & Coffeeware Mason Jars (Rs 349)

These mason jars are perfect for those weekend mocktails! Reminds you of the beach, no?


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