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Here’s The Simplest Way To Shop For Home Décor!

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Have you ever looked around your home and wondered if it truly reflects your personality? I mean clean white walls and finished woodwork is classy, sure, but isn’t there something beautiful about a fun textured wall, some quirky throw pillows on the floor, or a birdcage filled with fairy lights, that allows you to put your personal stamp on a room?


Classic Transitional Living Room_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Discern Living


Well, if you want your room to exude your personality, here’s an easy way to do it! Discern Living, a super convenient discovery app, is coming soon to take care of all your home décor needs. Currently operating as a blog, the platform is filled with some great design and décor trends, including the best items to buy, interviews with tastemakers, and tons of beautifully curated content.

The new app will include a 3-step process that is both easy as well as fun. Here’s how it works. Once you browse through various pictures of designs and products, you’re sure to be inspired. You then move on to take the Style Quiz. With the help of some visual cues, you can pick and choose the designs you love most. This will help the app understand your taste better and will result in the creation of your very own Style Personality. This will help it filter results that suit you best.


Modern Contemporary Dining Room_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Discern Living


Next, you can begin shopping based on your choices or on the basis of your Style Personality. From funky to ethnic to minimalist, the platform has it all. While browsing through, you will also find some stunning 3D renderings of interiors created by the Discern Design Studio. These looks range from categories like Ethnic and Classic to Modern and Trendy.

What’s more, the products you see are all curated by Discern’s team of interior designers, from the best vendors across the country. Essentially, you will be able to create the look of your choice using super advanced technology, in the form of an engaging experience that’ll make you feel like you’re standing inside a store!


Modern Mid-Century Bedroom_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Discern Living


Once you have made your selections, you can purchase them on the Discern platform itself. Alternately, if you want to go for a customized look, Discern offers that as well. Be it building something from scratch or revamping your home, everything is tailored to suit your needs. Seems like shopping for and designing your home couldn’t get more chic!


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