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6 Decor Hacks That Will Spice Up Your Space Instantly!

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There are days when we flip through interior design magazines, trying to gain some sort of an inspiration from them. Or we do a quick Google search and spend hours in front of the screen just looking at all the various décor ideas out there. Sometimes we want to revamp the dining room, sometimes it’s the bedroom. At the beginning of the year, we want to play with soft colours and by the end of it, we want to switch to monochrome.

And yet, we procrastinate — endlessly. Well, I have a solution for that. Check out these simple hacks that use things that might already be lying around your house, and create something new. Not only will it be good use of something old, your space will definitely look different and much better. Experiment a bit, add your own style, and get ready to give a part of your room a small makeover.


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1. Make Use Of The Abandoned Ladder

We all have a ladder stored in some dingy corner of the house that only comes out when we have to remove some random stuff from the top shelves. Instead of letting it just sit and rot, why not spray paint it in a funky colour and turn it into a shoe rack! Or if your ladder has wider slabs, use it to keep your books or showpieces. Put some fairy lights around it to make it even prettier.



Courtesy: SF Girl By Bay

2. Mirrors Make The Room Look Big

You know those tiny, hole-in-the-wall restaurants that have one wall with a huge mirror on it? That’s because mirrors create an illusion of a bigger space. So if you are worried about having a tiny space, put a mirror and see the difference for yourself. Also, it doesn’t have to be a huge one — you can make a cluster of small ones that look good with the rest of your décor.


Photo bookshelf_Hauterfly

Courtesy: A Beautiful Mess

3. Use Photos To Jazz Up Your Walls

We are a generation obsessed with photos. Put this obsession to better use by printing them out and pasting them on your walls. No, not like a poster but like covering the whole wall with your favourite images. Another great idea is to paste them at the back of your cupboards, bookshelves, cabinets, etc., just to add a bit of yourself to your room. After all, wallpapers have become too mainstream!


4. Make Your Curtains Look Good With A Necklace

Your neckpieces not only look good on you, but also on your curtains! Use your lockets or stone necklaces as curtain ties to give a dash of drama to your room. Another option would be to use funky belts. A hack so simple yet so trendy. Wear them or make your house wear them — either way, they’ll look great!


5. Give Your Kitchenware A Personal Touch

Make meals more fun for you and your guests by personalising your utensils. Add washi tape to your trays or paint your spoons, add ribbons, write a quote — in short do whatever you like. It may sound childish, but once you get down to it, you will immediately love it.



Courtesy: Design Sponge

6. Convert A Teapot Into A Vase

This hack transforms the whole aura of your room within seconds. Put flowers in a beautiful teapot and turn it into a vase. Trust me, I have 4 of these at home and they look amazing. Place it on your shelf, coffee table, or your night stand, and watch as they instantly brighten up the space. Add a little aromatic candle by the side and you are set!


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