DIY Home Decor Ideas For A Sparkly Christmas

December is by far the happiest month of the year, what with chilly winter evenings and all the holidays! Every morning is a constant struggle though, between being responsible and showing up to work or just sleeping in. You know the struggle is real. Now that Christmas is just around the corner, all these gorgeous home decor videos make it super difficult for me to keep my work mode on.

Whether you like attending Christmas parties or not, giving your home a Christmas makeover is something you shouldn’t skip. If it’s a party you’re decorating for or just prepping your home for the season, these videos show you how redoing your decor is possible without having to splurge a small fortune in decorations.




Shop some of our favourite Christmas decorations below:



Christmas Tree Cushion Cover (Rs 1,280)


Rupalee Block Printed Ball Bunch (Rs 700)


Matsya Christmas Blocks (Rs 1,750)


Artificial Pine Christmas Tree (Rs 1,280)


Varnam Goobe Christmas Bells (Rs 300)


Reindeer Silver Bowl (Rs 600)


PosterGuy Christmas Coasters (Rs 199)


Snowflake Christmas Stockings (Rs 2,040)

Shachi Lavingia

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