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Twitter Is Offended By Finland PM Sanna Marin Dancing With Friends. Is She Not Supposed To Have A Life Beyond Politics?

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I have come to believe that people on Earth will have a problem with anything and everything a woman does. The double standards of the people and the male privilege collectively judge women who are doing nothing other than merely living their own lives and minding their own businesses. Why am I on a people-bashing spree, you ask? So, a video of Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin has gone viral on the Internet wherein she is seen partying, dancing and singing, basically having a good time with her friends, and this has irked netizens.

There is so much hate spewing against Finland’s PM Sanna Marin that people have gone on to call her names like ‘cocaine-head’. And for what reason? Merely partying, that too, in a private place with her friends? She is also being criticised for attending music festivals and having a gala time before.

So, what I fail to understand here is that there are many male leaders and heads of state in the past that have committed scandals, been named paedophiles, have sexual harassment charges against them, have poor administerial skills and yet they have managed to pass the public scrutiny unscathed.

But all hell breaks loose when people see a female leader letting her hair down, being real, having fun and enjoying her life while being pretty damn good at her job and this is not acceptable to them? It is tiring to see people sitting ready to tear a woman down the moment she does something out of the box or rather does not fit in the box of stereotypes set by society. Get your priorities straight, y’ll!

But thankfully, sanity has not been completely wiped out from the planet as many people also came forward in support of her. They have gone on to say that she is merely living her life and trolling her for doing so is unacceptable and just toxic.

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And it’s not that PM Sanna Marin was out in public or behaving indecently. So, what is the problem here?

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