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Padma Lakshmi’s 50th Birthday Post In A Bikini Has Us Wondering If She’s Ageing Backwards. She Looks Smashing

September 07, 2020 | by Anjali Agarwal
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I am not proud to say this but the only thing I’ve done in the lockdown is eat, sleep, repeat. I am pretty sure I am going to regret this later, probably next year when I would actually have an excuse for not working out like being busy and all, but for right now, I’m just being lazy. But it will be then that I would look back at this time and would wish I had moved my ass when I had the time. See, I know how this vicious cycle works but I still won’t change my lifestyle or habits or start eating healthy (lol). But the gorgeous Padmi Lakshmi, and her followers, recently drove me to deep introspection.

The model-turned-author turned 50 a few days ago. She put up a birthday post on her Twitter account where she was wearing a pink bikini and looked stunning as always. She wrote in the caption, “50 is the new 30, feel like I’m just getting started.” Twitter flooded her post with appreciation and awe. However, some followers dropped their own age-defying selfies which could put any 20-something to shame. These people in their 40s, 50s, 60s didn’t look a day older than 30 years and here I am in my 20s, feeling like 60, dealing with back pain of a 90-year-old with lifestyle habits of a teen.

A user shared her photo with her son and wrote, This is on my 49th birthday a couple weeks ago with my 21yr old son, actually 22 in a couple weeks. People think we’re brother/sister or that we are a couple ALL THE TIME. @TheBrandonBanas loves calling people out: Hey, that’s my mom! LOL Regardless, I can’t wait to turn 50!!” Another user wrote, “Ladies in there 50 are looking gorgeous! I turned 40 this year. I could only hope to look as beautiful as all you ladies!”

Some of them even dropped valuable advice for looking forever young, if someone (don’t look at me) wants in on the secret. A user shared, “54. No sugar, good sleep and daily workouts. Kids late in life. Rock on!” Another tweeted, “Just turned 60. Hopefully everyone posting pics can change their diets and lifestyles to look a lot younger than they’re supposed to at 50+.”

It was incredible to see how empowering and self-motivating this could feel. A woman in her late 40s going on 50 posted her photo and wrote, “I’ll be 50 in 14 more day’s and honestly I feel better about myself now then I did at 30!! All these beautiful strong women who are 50 and posting make me proud to be 50.” Another user posted her selfie and gave out an amazing message about body positivity. She said, “I turned 50 5 weeks ago & said “f*ck it” & took this. I’ve had body issues my whole life & I’m sick of feeling ashamed/embarrassed. I’m also a mom of 5. My stomach tells a story of babies & scars from surgeries. We are all beautiful. I may not look 30 but I certainly feel it!!”

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I know what you are thinking. What sorcery is this? Are they on some vampire tonic or something? But doesn’t seem like it. They have aged gracefully and naturally without any supernatural help. Call it genes or self care, some of these people actually look younger than those in their 20s and 30s. They have truly aged backward and are giving all the youngsters pure fitness goals and inspiration to look after themselves. If this what happens if you have a proper diet, good sleep and a healthy lifestyle and if really people age like fine wine purely on the basis of healthy habits, maybe I have some serious thinking to do. BRB, going to work on myself.

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Anjali Agarwal

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