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The Book That Is Shaping Japleen’s Creative Ideas

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One thing I never get bored of talking about is books. Whether it’s a good debate, conversations about cliff hangers, or just recommendations, I’m a proud bibliophile and I can leave anything, and I mean, anything aside to talk books.

On one such day, a colleague, who is also a friend, stopped by my desk to tell me about this new book he had his heart set on. It was a philosophical kind of read, but with a twist. Instead of one with eloquent prose, this one was much like a comic book.

Yes, I decided to make my inner child happy by giving this book a try and, you know what, my adult self was just as pleased.

Fiction, though, will remain my first love.


The Shape Of Ideas_Hauterfly

The Shape Of Ideas

The Shape Of Ideas is an illustrated book by one of New York’s renowned illustrators, Grant Snider. His work is impeccable really, and once you read the book, you will know why. But, if you are as impatient as I am, go to his Instagram account and get a glimpse of what’s in store.

This book answers complicated questions like ‘What are ideas?’ ‘Where do they come from?’ ‘Why do we need them?’, and more. It is a colourful journey into the creative side of our minds and never before would you have seen it all being explained so beautifully.

And it’s a comic book! Not exactly your childhood favourites (Tin-Tin, Tinkle) but funny nonetheless, logical too, and with every new page, you will learn something new. More than that, you’ll be questioning many things and, at the same time, will be wowed by the genius that Snider is.

Who would have thought intense, rational stuff could be expressed in such a way? Books like these need to be in our education curricula, to help a person grow in a fun and interactive manner.

Anyone from the Ministry of Education reading this? Please take note!

SHOP NOW: The Shape Of Ideas (Hardcover — Rs 1,137)


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