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The Perfect Styling Tool For Japleen’s Long Hair!

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Whenever I meet someone for the first time, the first thing that they ask me is how long my hair really is, how I manage it, how frequently I wash it and, the best one, does it take me the whole day to style? No! It does not. But it certainly is high maintenance. Naturally, I have an array of hair products sitting on my shelves, waiting for their turn to be used. Being a Sikh, I have never chopped my hair. But that has never restricted me to experiment with new hairstyles! A side braid, fish tail or high pony — there is so much that you can do when you have long hair.

So, when you have hair that reaches your thigh, you need a lot of patience to style it. Also, you need the perfect tools to get the perfect look every time you go out. For me, a straightener, a curler, and a blow dryer are extremely important! The task is to find one that won’t burn my hair or leave me with a rough mane. I could go to a parlour but, let me tell you, it takes them around 6 hours to give me beautiful waves. Which is why I don’t mind spending a bit to own these tools myself.

After watching a TV commercial about the Philips range of hair tools, I decided to check them out. This curler creates the perfect soft waves that give my locks the ideal beachy look. In fact, it can even be used as a straightener for smooth, straight hair. It is shaped like a tulip which is easy to hold, helping you while curling those tricky, near-the-neck areas. It’s lightweight so you can even carry it to a party or vacation or to your cousin’s wedding. It has a Keratin ceramic lining, which helps ease the edges and remove frizz . And we already know how healthy keratin is for the hair! It is made using heat-safe technology that ensures that the device does not overheat and ruin your hair. Priced around 2k, it is definitely worth it, as it also comes from a reputed brand with a 2-year warranty.

Bouncy curls? Check! Shiny, straight locks? Check! Purple hair curler? Yes, please!

SHOP NOW: Philips Curler Tulip (Rs 2,177)


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