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Alisha Is Staying Cozy Under Her New, Super Comfy Quilt

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I’m a tropical baby through and through. So as soon as the temperature starts hovering around 15-20 degrees, you can be sure that I’m already sheepishly looking for ways to get warm. It’s ridiculous, I know. All my friends from other countries and those who’ve lived abroad look at me like I’m a complete kook. And I am.

On the flip side, I love, love, love air conditioning. I cannot survive the summer without it. So, if you’ve already figured where I’m going with this, you’re right, my life is quite a conundrum. I turn on the AC to escape the heat, and then I feel too cold. But thankfully, there are these amazing little things called quilts or razais that solve this very specific, slightly stupid problem.


Good Earth Quilt_Inpost1

Good Earth Charbagh Bahar Muslin Quilt

To me, Good Earth is like heaven. I love home products, décor, and tableware so much because I love to keep changing simple things to give the illusion of a complete spruce up. Moving around objects in your home and just changing the layout does wonders for making the space look brand, spankin’ new, but at other times you can also buy key pieces that will turn your house more into a home.

Like this Charbagh Bahar Muslin quilt from Good Earth, for instance. It is so comfortable and soft and more than that, it’s super-duper pretty. The leitmotifs of poppies and lush florals decorate this reversible razai, capturing a Persian garden in bloom, in fact making it very summery. The 110″x 92″ size was the one I picked because I think bigger is better when it comes to quilts, but fret not, there is also a smaller and cheaper option as well, sized at 60″ x 92″ and priced at Rs. 7,500.

So, for those of you (like me) who need one of these during the summer as well, here it is. And it’s appropriately summery-looking too!

SHOP NOW: Good Earth Charbagh Bahar Muslin Quilt (Rs. 15,000)


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