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15 Travel Essentials You Must Take On Your Summer Getaway!

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I don’t think I can take this heat anymore; a vacation is what I need. It takes me forever to decide what I need to pack and I end up stuffing my bags with loads of unwanted stuff in the process. Packing is an underrated art that very few master. On a scale of “excellent packer” to “compulsive hoarder”, I give myself the credit of being a moderately good packer. I might not be the master of perfectly planning out an entire trip and taking exactly what I need, but I try to pack light and avoid unnecessary piling.

Spoiling your vacation thinking about how cute you would look in those brand new shorts that you forgot to pack is just not worth it. Do yourself a favour and plan a little, prepare a check list and be prepared and you’ll never miss out on packing that essential holiday item. I agree that it’s possible to forget a few things despite all the calculations, but you can always try!

Here’s my list of 15 summer essentials to take on holiday:


1. Travel Bag

Let’s begin with the first thing you will need, a good travel bag. I picked a nautical stripe weekend bag that can be used for a long journey or even a short trip. No matter what you’re wearing, this one will go with everything!


2. Luggage Tag

This Happily Unmarried luggage tag is so bright and funky, there’s no way you’ll miss spotting your luggage at baggage claim at the airport or elsewhere!


3. Cute Shorts

Redefine relaxation mode with these super cute Zara pineapple embroidery denim shorts. It’s a fun piece that you can wear on a summer day exploring new places or even to the beach.


4. Fun Top

Flaunt a breezy yet fashionable look by pairing your colourful summer bottoms with a neutral top. This Forever 21 top has a unique silhouette and back detail that is anything but boring!


5. Embellished Sandals

Complete your easy chic summer look with embroidered lace-up flats that are all the rage right now. These beautiful New Look sandals give out major boho vibes.


6. Sling Bag

The sling bag is both travel-friendly and stylish, and will look great with the rest of the ensemble. This fringed Mango bag just screams ‘summer staple’!


7. Sunglasses

Of course, no summer holiday is complete without a pair of killer shades to protect your peepers and look ultra chilled!


8. Sunscreen

This is an important one: Never — and I mean never — forget to pack some sunscreen. This one comes with SPF 50 and will protect your skin from all kinds of sun damage.


9. Lip Balm

A handy lip balm is your quickest fix for dry lips. Easy to carry around, it does the job and also tints your lips in the prettiest pink colour. Every girl needs to have one in her handbag, especially when you’re on vacation.


10. Dry Shampoo

You will constantly be on the go during your trip and dry shampoo is the best option to instantly freshen up your hair in between washes. If there ever was a hair saviour, this product would be it!


11. Laptop Sleeve

An ideal vacation would be one where you wouldn’t have to bother bringing your laptop along. But we all know that’s not how it works anymore, so slide your MacBook into a pretty sleeve to take away some of that pain. At least it’s gorgeous to look at!


12. Passport Cover

If you’re a girl who pays attention to the smallest of details, then you wouldn’t carry your passport in a standard boring wallet. Here’s funky cover from India Circus that’s just popping with bright colours and will set the tone for your fun getaway!


13. Make-Up Bag

Keep your beauty essentials organised without worrying about losing them or having them scattered around your bag. This Skinny Dip bag is just too adorable to pass up!


14. Notebook

If you love putting your thoughts to paper, love to doodle and sketch, or take inspiration from the places that you travel to, then get one of these pretty looking notepads to keep the memories alive and intact.


15. Travel Card Holder

Let’s face it: You’re never really sure how many cards you own, be it credit and debit cards or store cards from all your shopping and eating out expeditions! Organize them and save time the next time you travel by putting only the essential cards and cash in this holder — no bulky wallet required!


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