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Neena Gupta Is Rocking Gorgeous Sarees In London And We Can’t Get Enough Of Her

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There is no right way to do a saree! This is a versatile drape, flattering the curves of any woman wearing it.  Which is why more young women are opting for them these days and we found the perfect candidate to lead that revolution. The incredibly stylish Neena Gupta has a closet full of beautiful sarees, which she has been wearing to the most unexpected places. The actress is unknowingly giving birth to a ‘sexy saree renaissance’ and we want in!

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She recently took to Instagram to post an adorable “looking to the side” shot, which makes us question our own aesthetic poses!

Neena shared a wholesome message in a sexy green saree paired with a plunging blouse, a style she loves to wear. She went light on the bling with just a chic gold watch and pretty danglers to complement her outfit. We love the matching bindi as well, it reminds us of our fashionable moms and their commitment to the bindi. She also seemed to switch things up from an evening bag to a printed tote, further proving the versatility of the saree!

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The veteran actress is turning into the most unexpected style icon for us scrappy millennials. She wears off-shoulder dresses like a pro, opts for a colour-pop drape to wear at a bar and is fearless in the face of experimental new styles. There is so much we can learn from her sartorial choices, how to rock sexy sarees anywhere being our main lesson!

Leave it to Neena to add some cheerful hues in a gloomy London afternoon. It is not just her choice of drapes that we want to do a masterclass in but also the attitude she has about fashion. In a recent interview, she confessed that her style is completely her own and personal. On asked if she dresses sexy to get younger roles, Neena replied, “I won’t get younger roles because of the fashionable clothes. I am glad that God has given me a good body. I am fashion conscious and love to experiment. Meri hot pictures ko bahut comments milte hain and the regular photos don’t get many likes. I am enjoying the appreciation I am getting on social media. Very rarely do I get a negative comment.”. Touché!


On the work front, Neena Gupta will be joining Kangana in the film Panga. Till then, keep slaying queen!


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