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The Under-Rs 1500 Baubles You Must Shop For ASAP

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By now you must have figured, that I’ve always had my eyes on some of the best offerings when it comes to baubles. And while I mostly harp on minimalism, as that’s my personal style, I also love the idea of having a jewellery box that’s got something for every occasion. From edgy neckpieces to dramatic earrings, minimalist cuffs or oversized rings, I think if you’re an IT-girl, your bauble box needs an upgrade every now and then.

And that’s why I thought of helping you out with some trendy pieces that are must-haves for every girl. What’s best is, these baubles are all under Rs 1,500. No matter what the ensemble, just add one of these pieces to amp up your everyday outfit. I’ve got an array of trends to choose from — a tasselled pair of earrings for the trendy girl, an evil eye motif piece for the fun one, a dramatic faux gem neckpiece for the edgy girl among others. So go swipe that card and get yourself some super chic baubles. Because there’s nothing like owning too many of them.

Loco Latte_Baboushka pendent in Midnight Blue_Hauterfly

Locolatte Baboushka Pendant (Rs 899)

Masaya Accessories_Bracelet_Hauterfly

Masaya Accessories Bracelet (Rs 1,400)

The Bohemian_Anchor_Hauterfly

The Bohemian Anchor (Rs 1,500)

Pipa Bella_Blue Chalk Ring_Hauterfly

Pipa + Bella Blue Chalk Ring (Rs 599)

Blurstore_Neckpiece 2_Hauterfly

Blur Store Neckpiece (Rs 1,430)


Masaya Accessories Earrings (Rs 1,500)

Label Mansion_Acrylic Stone Collar_Hauterfly

Label Mansion Acrylic Stone Collar (Rs 950)

The Bohemian_Opaque White Two Stoned Ring_Hauterfly

The Bohemian Opaque White Two Stoned Ring (Rs 1,400)

Locolatte_Nefertiti Tassel Earrings_Hauterfly

Locolatte Nefertiti Tassel Earrings (Rs 1,499)

Eristona_Faux Gem Neckpiece_Hauterfly

Eristona Faux Gem Neckpiece (Rs 1,190)

Mad Clozet_Tribal Danglers_Hauterfly

Mad Clozet Tribal Danglers (Rs 349)


Blur Store Neckpiece (Rs 940)


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