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10 Engagement Rings To Bookmark For Your Boyfriend

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Since they say your life only begins once you’re married, a diamond is certainly a good way to start, don’t you think? As a girl, I’ve been planning my wedding since I was a pre-teen, so I obviously know what my engagement ring is going to look like — even though I’m not going to be the one buying it. While the cut, colour, clarity and carat matters, it’s the style I’m most concerned about.

Obviously you can’t trust your boyfriend to pick the right one. So how about sneakily leaving this list on his browser? Trust me, he’ll thank you for the help!

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1. Keep it classic. A timeless ring like this one will never go out of style.


2. Rose gold is always a good idea. A vintage-looking rose gold ring would be perfect for a boho bride.


3. Make like Carrie Bradshaw and do things a bit differently. A black diamond would be the goth girl’s dream.


4. Put your hands up if you’d be able to say no to this pear-shaped rock. No hands? Just as I thought!


5. It’s a shame no one does a lot of marquise diamonds these days. Just look how pretty this one is!


6. Just in case you weren’t convinced with number 5, there’s no way you’re saying no to this diamond!


7. Ladies, they aren’t called princess-cut diamonds for nothing.


8. Sometimes one diamond just isn’t enough. A cluster of stones can make your ring look bigger and so much better.


9. If it’s all about the lush life for your partner, this is the only ring(s) that will make the cut, don’t you think?


10. But to be honest, sweet and simple is always the best way to go.


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