TMF: Sanya Malhotra Points Out How Saying “Not All Men” Dilutes The Conversation

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TMF: Sanya Malhotra Points Out How Saying “Not All Men” Dilutes The Conversation

Every time women talk about being wronged by men, we hear men defending their kind by saying “not all men” and that’s problematic. Not only does that disrupt the conversation but it also makes a woman’s issue about the men being generalise. But that’s not really the case, it is now? If almost every woman has a story of being eve teased or of being sexually harassed and your response to that is “not all men”, you’re essentially creating a hostile environment that makes it tough for these women to open up about their situation. In the latest episode of The Male Feminist, Kathal actress Sanya Malhotra spoke about the same.

Speak to Hauterrfly on The Male Feminist, Kathal star Sanya Malhotra said men need to stop saying “not all men”. “Don’t say that. We know it’s not all men but when you say something like that you are diluting the conversation,” said Sanya Malhotra. Speaking further the actress highlighted that many women get even teased and when a friend says it women know that they haven’t done anything. “We’re not judging you. We’re talking about all the other women who need to come out and talk about it or even men who need to come and talk about what they’re going through or about getting eve teased. Because when you say that, it makes them feel that ‘maybe my problem is not a problem enough to talk about it’. So, don’t say that, said the actress.

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Concluding her take on the matter, Sanya Malhotra rightly pointed out that women only need someone to lend them an ear. “We need people to listen. We know the solution. We know the solution in our minds and if you listen to us just for 10 mins, we’ll be more than happy,” said the Kathal actress.

Want to know more about Sanya Malhotra’s experience with being eve teased, learning about female pleasure and more? Watch the full episode of The Male Feminist.

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