TMF: From “No Boys Allowed To Time To Get Married”: Raja Kumari Gets Candid About Her Dating Life At 22

Not that easy to date!

Were you also not allowed to date in your teens or even in your twenties? The fact that Indian girls are often not allowed to date. Can you believe it? In a world where dating has become as normal as breathing, our desi parents still seem to think it’s a taboo subject. But let’s be real, who doesn’t love the thrill of a little romance? The butterflies in your stomach, the cheesy pick-up lines, the secret dates, and the stolen kisses – it’s all a part of the dating game. Yet, for many Indian girls, this game seems to be off-limits. In a candid conversation with Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist, Raja Kumari opens up about how she was not allowed to date in her teens.


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In the latest episode of The Male Feminist, the talented and multi-faceted artist, Raja Kumari, graces us with her presence and opens up about her personal experiences growing up as a young Indian woman in America. As a successful rapper, songwriter, and singer from Claremont, California, Raja Kumari’s story is not just one of musical prowess, but of a journey towards empowerment and breaking free from traditional expectations.

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Raja Kumari shares with us her struggles with the typical desi upbringing, where her parents were not open to the idea of dating. Despite her natural desire to explore the world of romance, her parents held strong to their conservative beliefs, making it difficult for her to pursue any relationships. As she approached her early twenties, they began to pressure her to settle down and get married, a common scenario in many Indian households.


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“My parents were the classic, like don’t talk to boys and suddenly 22 hits and it’s time to get married and you’re like what?” she said. In addition to her own dating experiences, she also shared delightful insights into her family’s traditional roots, recounting how her parents had found each other through a matrimonial advertisement.  Raja Kumari also opened up about her bold and daring nature during her formative years, which was in contrast to the more conservative values that were prevalent in her community. As she navigated through life, she learned many valuable lessons from the world around her, which have helped shape her into the confident and accomplished artist that she is today.

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Tune in to this illuminating episode of The Male Feminist, and discover the many facets of Raja Kumari’s journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

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