It’s Thirstday! ‘Stranger Things’ Star Joseph Quinn Is Owning Internet For All The Right Reasons

Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn has been trending and making headlines for a while now and it’s for all the right reasons. Just a few days ago, the actor broke down during a meet-and-greet with fans during Comic Con. The actor was reportedly yelled at by the security staff for taking too long to interact with the fans but fans took note of it and thanked the actor for his efforts. But the actor broke down when a fan expressed gratitude for his efforts and told him how much of an impact his character Eddie Munson had on people.

Joseph Quinn’s emotional reaction to the fan left everyone surprised but it also made fans love the actor much more. Ever since the incident and the video of the actor breaking down went viral, he has been trending on Twitter and tweeple can’t help but hail the actor. TBH, our ovaries just did a double take after watching the actor express emotions and be vulnerable in public. While we all thirst for Joseph Quinn, let’s take a look at what Twitter has to say.

Those Eyes And That Killer Smile!

So Pure!

Joseph Quinn Likes Cats And Dogs!

We All Got Quinn On Our Minds!

He’s A 10 But…

He Blesses Our Instagram Feeds!


He Is Serotonin!

Joseph Quinn Speaks Italian

Can We All Get Hugs?

The Sound Of His Voice Is Giving Us Goosebumps

He Doesn’t Hear, He LISTENS

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Well, the thirst for Joseph Quinn is real and what can we say, we’re thirsting after him too. It’s not like we can ignore those big brown eyes and that adorable smile and all the effort that the actor puts into making it special for the fans. No wonder, he’s owning Twitter right now. Joseph Quinn’s niceness is just the cherry on top of his portrayal of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things. Also, to the security staff who yelled at him – tumhe duniya maaf nahi karegi! 

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