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Ranbir Kapoor Just Spilled Some Deets About His First Wife, And Umm, No It’s Not Alia Bhatt!


Ranbir Kapoor’s fandom is huge, and so are some hilarious stories related to them. I mean, we have heard so many tales about celebrities and their unusual interactions with their fans, but this latest one has me saying, “Whaaa?” In a recent interaction with Mashable India, Ranbir Kapoor spilled the beans on his craziest fan experience. And it sure is!

Talking about the interesting incident and his “first wife,” Ranbir revealed,”During my early years, there was this girl and I never met her. But my watchman told me that she came with a pandit and married my gate. At the bungalow I used to live with my parents and there was some tika on the gate and some flowers and all. I was out of town at that time, so that was quite crazy.” He further added, “I haven’t met my first wife yet. So, I look forward to meeting you at some point.”

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Well, owing to Ranbir’s massive fan following, I ain’t surprised that this happened. Also, Alia suna?

Apart from the details of his first wife, the actor has also spilt a lot of other secrets, for Mashable India’s ‘Most Googled Questions.’ One of which is his secret Instagram handle. Yes, you read that right. Mr Kapoor revealed, “I don’t post and I have no followers. But never say never. I could make my account public. But as of right now, I am okay and I am doing decently without social media. But like I said, never say never.”

Watch the video here:

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