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Your Easy-Peasy Guide To Get Navratri-Ready On A Budget

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Wait a minute! It’s October already? Where did this year go?

Now that that’s out of the way, Navratri is here. The festival of intense dancing, whirling skirts and plenty of dressing up to do! Actually, we just need an excuse to dress up. The thing is, with a festival that’s so fun, you can’t just stick to basics, you have to go all out. Different outfits for each day, makeup looks, salon appointments; it can be quite a bit to get everything sorted. And getting all this done on a budget? That’s where it gets tricky.

Worry not, ladies! We are giving you 5 ways to shop, glam up and get ready on a budget! So read up on how to look your best this Navratri.

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Double Up That Dupatta

Every fashionista worth her money knows that you can’t be caught wearing the same outfit twice in 9 days. But if you don’t want to spend an entire month’s salary on just dressing up, make your dupatta do double duty. Buy a versatile one in bandhani print, which you can wear with a black outfit or even mix up with a yellow or green!

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Doll Up With Junk Jewellery

This is not where you invest in statement pieces. This is where you go street style shopping. Buy jhumkis or silver jewellery off the road. If you’d rather buy them online, pick something that you can wear beyond these 9 days. A cute necklace that can work on other days when you are trying to pull off a boho look, maybe?

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Play Around With Outfits

Yes, you may be tempted to go shopping and splurge on blouses and cholis of all designs, but can you really think of anywhere else you will be able to wear these? Yeah, I didn’t think so. If you are looking for solutions on a budget, a great idea is to use your crop tops as an alternative to boring blouses. Pretty sure you have many you can play up with a dupatta and ghagra!

Veet Inpost


Veet Hair Removal Products

Get The Salon Home

It’s time to #BringInSexyBack with backless cholis and sleeveless blouses. So a salon appointment becomes a must. But with every salon visit costing you a limb, the budget can go for a toss. Worry not; let Veet Cold Wax Strips come to your rescue. You can use these any time, anywhere and they do the job quickly and efficiently. You simply have to peel, apply and pull.

Plus, these are fabulously priced. The entire waxing kit comes for Rs.174 only. The strips are ready to use so you don’t have to struggle with hot wax and it’s less painful because it’s gel wax and not sugar wax. Plus, you will be hair-free for upto 4 weeks! Oh did we tell you about the best bit? This one will tackle even short hair. So #JustVeetIt, girls!

If you tend to shy away from waxing because they make you cry in pain, Veet has a painless hair removal solution. Yes, there is such a thing. There are Veet creams. And you can choose them according to your skin type. There are options for dry, sensitive and normal skin. And using these is as easy as it gets. You apply the cream with a spatula, rinse off and dry. Voila, you are hair-free. Also, no stubble, you can do it yourself and it’s painless. Really, this is possibly the easiest way to get smooth skin.

They now have Veet Nikhaar which is a hair removal cream that comes with the added benefit of silky smooth and visibly brighter skin and comes with a lovely sandalwood and saffron fragrance. Plus, Veet Nikhaar has 100% turmeric extracts and we all know turmeric is great for skin. So wait, you are hair-free and glowing? Sign us up!


Do Your Own Makeup

There’s a chance that the cute guy you have a crush on is going to be there and you want him to fall head over heels in love with you. This could mean that you are tempted to go all out with a hairstyle, makeup, and the works. But remember, budget is everything. Our suggestion? Add a few Youtube tutorials to your playlist and watch them to learn to do your own makeup. Then, do it yourself with drugstore products. You’ll save plenty, and it all adds up!


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