Sara Ali Khan Gets Her First Endorsement And Here’s Why She’s The Perfect Fit

Veet FI

Sara Ali Khan is all of two films old. But she’s already gathered quite the fan base. On her interviews, she’s eloquent, funny and comes across as real, something we can’t say for many other star kids. And while she certainly has her male fans, women across the country are loving Sara as well. And we can see why, she comes across as independent, smart and self-deprecating.

In fact, just before this announcement was made, Sara was spotted moving out of her house, with boxes and all loaded into her car. Speculation was rife about what prompted Sara’s move. The next day, pictures of her in a brand spanking new house emerged and we knew that Sara was making a bold, brave move that would certainly help her growth.

At this point, anything she touches turns to gold. She already has more than 6 million followers on Instagram and now, just two films later, she’s already got her first endorsement deal in her kitty. Sara Ali Khan is now the brand ambassador of Veet. And we think it’s the perfect fit.

For starters, Veet stands for the modern, independent woman, everything Sara Ali Khan stands for. Veet is known for being a brand for their confident, spontaneous and feminine stand, all qualities that Sara embodies. In fact, the brand is so perfect, it’s seamless. From the many times that we’ve seen Sara at interviews, we gather that she would be the kind of person who would pick convenience and that would work well with her hectic lifestyle. Veet is the a brand that makes a great case for hair removal at home, at your convenience, and when you choose to do it, even if it’s late into the night just before a big date the next day.

Veet’s Cold Wax Strips are the easiest when it comes to taking off hair -they do not need to be heated, they come pre-coated with a special GelWax which grips shortest hair and not the skin making hair removal super-simple, and not a chore anymore. Things we could totally get behind. And in the greater scheme of things, this is a brand endorsement deal that just makes so much sense. 

Watch Sara Ali Khan in the new Veet commercial!

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