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Ladies, Talking About Vaginal Health Is Important And We Recommend It

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Woman are over-sharers. We talk about boyfriends, mothers-in-law, society, expectations, sex and everything with our girlfriends. And we will share tips and tricks on how to deal, what to do etc. etc. However, even in the most comfortable environments, we might skip talking about vaginal health. The problems we face, the advice we need and what could have possibly caused it, all remain a taboo topic. But we think talk about vaginal health, especially with female friends is important.

We spend a lot of time at work and often colleagues can become friends or more than that. Girlfriends at work even have their cycles in sync, sometimes. It’s true! So why not talk about vaginal health? A lot of problems that you could be facing could be something that a friend has experienced as well. While the vagina is certainly self-cleaning, it doesn’t hurt to have help from the outside. Clean & Dry is a vaginal wash that keeps the area clean and dry (as the name suggests) and in optimal health.

If you’ve been on your period and are dealing with itching and rashes, this could be your saviour. Watch this video about two colleagues, their banter to find out why talking about vaginal health is perfectly acceptable.


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