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5 Relatable Things That Happen To Every Girl In Winter!

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We officially declare winter the best season ever. What’s not to love about this slight nip in the air, the endless cups of hot chocolate and of course, that it is snuggle season? And the added benefit of being able to hire any weight gain under layers of clothing, I mean, it doesn’t get better than this. But as girls, there might be a few things we really relate to. Here are 5 things that you’ll definitely be nodding to as you read.


There’s No Escaping The Chapped Lips

While you are all snuggled up and watching a movie, you might want to steal a kiss. Or maybe indulge in a peck under a mistletoe. And then the dreaded chapped lips make their presence felt. And you are sitting there thinking, this was supposed to be a romantic moment. And I am sure he feels like he’s kissing sandpaper. Oh well.


Dry Skin Is Here For The Win!

Girls in ads are clad in warm clothing and beanies and have dewy, supple winter skin. Our skin on the other hand looks like winter has been particularly harsh to us. It’s peeling, flaking and nobody wants to pull our cheeks. We’re pulling out the heavy duty moisturisers.


Nivea Fresh Natural Roll On (Rs 135)

Winter Odour Is A Real Thing

In summer time, we won’t let the deodorant out of our sight. I mean, it’s never cute to be smelling funny. But in winter, we let up on the deodorant. But you know, that under those layers of clothing, those sweaters and jackets, you are probably sweating and it’s not all pleasant. So, save your self the embarrassment of winter odour, get yourself a roll on and control body odour at the source. We particularly fancy the one from Nivea because it is mild and gentle on the skin, keeps you feeling fresh, and has 0% alcohol so it won’t dry out your skin.

Think about it, you smell good and look cute. You are like a fragranced teddy bear!


All Layered Up

Bet you can relate. Because stepping out isn’t about just throwing something on. It’s a long, complicated process of figuring out what goes on first, what will keep you warm, and after all of those layers, what will still make you look cute. ‘Coz admit it, with all those layers, you just look like a pile of clothes walking around with a face.


Getting Out The Blanket Is An Ordeal

Mornings are the toughest. They involved actually having to move. Who do we complain to about this whole adulting thing? And then, people expect us to get out bed. How does one even do that? It’s so cozy in there, with my feet all warm and my alarm on snooze. Why must I wake up?

Winters are a fabulous time to snuggle up and get cozy. But hey! There are also all these things? Like who knew winter odour could be an issue. Ensure you have a Nivea roll on handy!


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