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5 Reasons Yoghurt Is A Great Snacking Option

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Everyone can diet. No, hear me out for a second here. You can. I will tell you where we all fall of the wagon. 4pm. Because that’s when the second wave of hunger strikes and honestly, you want something unhealthy or crunchy or savoury and sometimes all of it together. With vada pav practically calling out to you, the aromas wafting to your nose and tempting you, the diet is on its way out. Another failed attempt.

But there are healthy snacking options that won’t show up on your hips or waistline. Now I have your attention, I see. Yes, and one of the best things you can do for your body, your diet and your waistline is to eat yoghurt when the hunger pangs strike. We specially like the Grekyo Greek Yoghurt from Nestle which is creamy, thick, delicious and has real fruit pieces. This had us smacking our lips and basically keeping hunger at bay. Read on to find out why yoghurt is a great snacking option.

Nestle A+ Grekyo Yogurt - Blueberry

Nestle A+ Grekyo Yogurt – Blueberry (Rs 40)

The Gut Feeling

Greek yoghurt, especially, Grekyo, can feel wonderfully indulgent, so it will have you wondering if it’s really good for you. But it is great for your gut, helping you feel less bloated and great for your digestive system. So, a dessert that’s good for you? Count us in.


Serves Up Some Calcium

Snacking usually doesn’t do anything except satisfy a craving and adding to the calorie count of the day. Yoghurt , on the other hand, keeps you full but also gives you a nice boost of calcium which is great for bone strength.


Perfect Protein

Grekyo Greek Yoghurt can also be your daily source of protein. If you don’t eat meat and haven’t figured out how to get your muscle-building strength, you should turn to greek yoghurt.


Workout Wingman

If you are looking to change up your lifestyle, you are definitely going to add exercise to your routine. And yoghurt can be a great recovery food. Scoop up some of the thick, creamy yoghurt post your workout and you will feel fuller and it’ll help your body recover.


Versatile Value

Greek yoghurt is a supremely versatile snacking option. You can add some salt and garlic and have it with pita chips or add some fruit pieces and have it as a dessert. The Grekyo greek yoghurt comes with real fruit pieces that offer that burst of freshness, is it feels rather like you’re treating yourself. 

Instead of reaching for biscuits or that fried snack, indulge in the creamy goodness of Grekyo Greek Yoghurt and watch those kilos drop off.



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