5 Reasons Every Millennial Girl Will Relate To Tamanna’s Struggles In Bandish Bandits

5 Reasons Every Millennial Girl Will Relate To Tamanna’s Struggles In Bandish Bandits

While millennials are an independent lot who love our space, we still enjoy our active social life. Or the life we had before we got entrapped in this pandemic, restricted to our individual homes. Now, we are always in the lookout for stimulating and fresh binge-worthy content. We want to watch the kind of stuff that holds our interest so we end up watching an entire season or series in one sitting with only popcorn and sodas for company. And while there have been lots of those, our quest never ends. And seems like we won’t be parched for long as Amazon Prime Video’s new series Bandish Bandits is here to engross us in its crisp plot around music and modern love. Bandish Bandits revolves around the sizzling collaboration of Tamanna and Radhe, who are two poles apart – both in terms of their art and personalities. Brimming with passion, the pair share beautiful chemistry and their individual journeys seem fascinating, to say the least. Tamanna’s styling is so vivid and cheerful that we might want to finally get out of our PJs and bring fashion back into our lives.

We just can’t wait to watch the pair set the screen on fire! The best part? Tamanna is a millennial woman who is both empowering and relatable. Her journey and unabashed pursuit of her dreams is inspiring to watch and makes us feel like we aren’t the only ones struggling to make it big. Here are some of her tussles that we can relate to.

  1. Following individual desires in a traditional world

We come from a culture that likes to hold on to traditions, and it’s great. But being exposed to globalisation and modern concepts, millennials want to move forward, where perceptions are more flexible. Tamanna’s version of music being dismissed as noise by the traditionalists is just one example of it. And she fights tooth and nail to make people recognize it for what it is.


  1. The feeling of being in a race to fulfil our dreams

Tamanna is chasing her dreams, which is inspiring and we can relate to the ‘now or never’ kinda feeling she perfectly demonstrates through her struggles. We feel you, sis!

  1. Being on a quest for self-discovery

We are millennial women, don’t ask us to define who we are, let alone set it in stone. We are still exploring ourselves and evolving with the opportunities coming our way. Tamanna is on a musical journey, but it as much a quest for self as it for her career. And like all of us, Tamanna doesn’t have it easy but she’s willing to put in the hard work to get the ball rolling.

  1. Diving head first into modern dating

Our lady here got into a romantic connection with Radhe, a guy she will be working with. Are they friends with benefits? Is it a situationship? We are as clueless about these modern dating labels and we dive into it before analysing it first. And like Tamanna, we wade through these treacherous waters hoping to emerge on the other side with our head held high.


  1. Catching Em Feelings

Some people would say millennials are an indifferent generation but while we are afraid, we aren’t entirely averse to catching em feelings. But with options at the tip of your fingers, thanks to dating apps, we are worried getting too involved early on could mean heart break. Like Tamanna, we follow our hearts, and often it leads to a modern dating disaster.

Indulge in the binge-worthy feast that Amazon Prime Video’s Bandish Bandits. It drops soon! Excuse me while I kick back and enjoy some love and music while loafing around on a beautiful rainy day.

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