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5 Awesome Connections You Could Make When You Share A Ride

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OLA Share is probably the best thing to have happened to travellers in a while — it’s cost-effective, it’s convenient, and it’s environment-friendly.

Plus, you literally hop into the cab and comfortably get to your desired destination, all hassle-free.

The shared cab service isn’t just restricted to these advantages; you can get so much more out of it.

Besides going on a mini darshan of your area, taking an OLA Share means you get to meet and interact with new and interesting people all the time.

Think about it! With each ride, you get to meet people from different walks of life, and who knows, may be OLA will play GPS to your destiny! Sounds interesting, right?

Here are 5 awesome connections you could make on your next OLA Share ride.


1. Meet someone from your college and have tons to talk about.

You could possibly run into your college mentor, that first-bencher you used to borrow notes from, or even your college crush.

A blast from the past, these two girls who met on an OLA Share ride ended up talking, laughing, and basically, having a ball.

Without even realising it, the conversation drowned out all the traffic noise in the bargain.


2. Meet someone new to the city and suggest all the best places to hang out.

A share ride also allows you to meet someone who is new to the city and needs some help finding their way around.

That’s your chance to make a new friend and play tour guide to someone who is just looking to discover the best places in the city.


3.  Meet a Marvel fan.

Nothing can make you forget you’re stuck in a jam like a great conversation about Marvel Comics.

Watching these two Marvel fans exchange notes in an OLA is just awesome. Time well-spent, we think!


4. Meet someone with an interesting career and learn all about it.

Sharing an OLA means you might just meet someone with a profession you’ve never thought to explore. Trust us, besides the usual banker and lawyer bickering over the phone, you do find the occasional marine biologist, or stand-up comedian that might actually make your ride a lot more worth it!


5. Meet a potential business partner.

A lot can happen over a ride through the city. What if the person you are travelling with is someone with great ideas, or maybe someone on the same wavelength as you?

If it clicks, who knows, you might find a business partner in them or score yourself a client, just like this OLA rider did!

So, what are you waiting for? This Friendship Week, #ShareAConnection with OLA Share passes for as low as Rs.1. It can’t get better than this!

This is a dedicated post in collaboration with OLA Cabs.


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