Love Horoscope 2020: What The Stars Have In Store For You This Year

We may pretend to be all cool about things, but it’s really hard to not let your love life affect the other aspects of your life. When you’re content and feeling loved, you have a spring in your step and a never-back-down attitude. You are all about trying new things, feeling more confident than ever and taking good care of yourself. And then there are times, when you’re just a lonely, single girl who can cry a river watching rom coms because you want that life too. And now that we are in 2020, it feels like we have a clean slate and we want to make better decisions when it comes to our love life. We are hopeful and we want this year to be better. But how do we know what to expect? Let the stars guide you. Here’s how this year will be for you, according to your zodiac sign.


Last year, your love life was been far from pleasant and towards the end of it, you were already questioning your decisions. You’re noticing your patterns and seeking answers. But that is not making your dating life stagnant, because like your Sagittarius counterpart, you’re all about experimenting this year. What does that mean for you? Big changes will occur in your love life.


Things are shuffling in your love life and you can feel the undercurrents of it. But it need not be a negative change; you could move in with your bae or take things to the next level. Either ways, this year, your mind is going to be occupied with love and all you want to do is settle down.


While in the second half of 2019, your dating life took off in a surprising way, 2020 is not your year when it comes to love. The first half of 2020 will have you engulfed in matters of the heart and not in a good way. Everything is a mess – for instance, the boy you swiped right for on that dating app can turn out to be a fuckboi. You need so much more love than you’re getting right now. But hang in there, the second half will be better.


If you’re single, this year is going to feel very lonely for you. Because at this point, all you wanna do is be with that one person, who makes your world go round. You don’t want flings or half-hearted relationships. Life is too short to fuck guys who refuse to have breakfast with you. Be clear; communication is the key. Differences may happen but talk it out and let things go.


You’ve had your share of substandard relationships and those just won’t make the cut for you in 2020. You’ve dated men who gave you less than what you wanted and you’ve emerged stronger and wiser. This is a year of emotional growth. You’re embracing freedom and getting attracted to unconventional people. Love will knock on your door, unannounced out of nowhere!



Say goodbye to uncertainties because you’re done with that shit. You have clarity of thought and you’re motivated to take the right decisions. Things are looking good for you; all you have to do is have faith in relationships. Love is taking you some place perfect.


This isn’t an easy time for you. Whether you are in a relationship or crushing on someone, you have to put extra effort to communicate this to them. Somehow, you will have to go out of your way to show them how you feel because until now, you’ve been quite vague about your affection.


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this year is all about turning over a new leaf. That can also mean that it’s time you break the monotony and spruce things up a bit. How about exploring a new place, hobby or sex position? This year, you will manifest a deeper bond but also have several arguments and fights with bae. Keep calm and wait for your anger to subside in such a situation.


You’re motivated to find the love of your life this year. Your fierce and dedicated nature will help you achieve that and so will your friends. Expand your network, socialise and be open to new opportunities. You just want to be happy and in love.


You’ve stepped into the year with walls protecting your heart and an inflexible perspective of romance. But blame a cutie or not, your heart will soften and you will find yourself becoming more open to new possibilities in love. At this point, you will be looking at love from a philosophical view and who knows where that will lead you!


In 2020, love is going to take a backseat because your mind is clouded with financial matters. However, that will leave your bae feeling ignored. Make sometime for your relationship, else it will get unstable and leave you in a mess.

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This year is going to be hard on you when it comes to love. But don’t let the troubles in paradise steal your optimism away from you. Believe in destiny, like you’ve always have. The second half will be better and filled with passion.

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