5 Phases Of Being Single Every Woman Goes Through

Once you start dating, you’re gonna have a love-hate relationship with being single. Before I got into a relationship for the first time, being single was nothing but being me. I had not known anything else or any other state of being. Then you break up for the first time and suddenly you begin to acknowledge the fact that you’re not partnered. All of a sudden – good or bad – it begins to mean something.

You feel it and the people around you make sure of it. On Valentine’s Day, you’ll receive offers for a romantic dinner, couple spa and getaways. Whether you like being single or not, the world around us makes sure you stop acknowledging it. But when you’re single, it’s not always the same. You feel differently about it in different phases, the final one making you rather ready to fall in love again. But what are these phases? Find out. None of these are scientific btw. It’s just my theory, because I had a lot of time to think and analyse in times of social distancing.

1) You’re just happy you’re out of that toxic relationship

Being in a toxic relationship is very similar to being self-quarantined, except the latter is voluntary and for the greater good. In the former, you still feel suffocated and you’re stuffing your face with boredom and frustration. But if a relationship feels like a deadly viral infection, then you know how bad it was. Walking out from it feels like freedom – the kind we’ll feel on the day when coronavirus will be gone and we’ll be able to hug again.

2) ‘I’m gonna be a hoe’

How do you feel when at the end of the day you unhook your bra and fling it on the bed? Relieved? Well, the initial phase of singlehood makes you wanna make the most of it. You flung out that toxic relationship like an ill-fitted bra that did made it difficult for you to breathe. You feel free and with this new found freedom, you want to go bingeing on all those yummy things because you’re motivated to live your single days getting some. I think this phase is worth it!

3) I want to be Beyoncé

All those rebound hook-ups made you feel desired and in control of your life again. Or was it your own sense of self-love? Either ways, now you’re back and with a bang. You don’t want to carry an emotional baggage. You don’t want to spend this time crying over spilled milk. You feel motivated to work on yourself and if not Beyoncé, then at least the be the best version of yourself.

4) I want love but I am scared

It’s not like you want a companion just to fight loneliness because your ‘I want to be Beyoncé’ phase has made you strong and independent. Yes you’re strong, yes you’re independent, but love is good and having someone wouldn’t hurt. Or would it? You’re scared.

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5) I want love and I am ready

At some point, you realise that healthy relationships aren’t so bad. You feel healed and ready to love again. But this time, you keep your standards higher and don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. You’re single and you’re not looking for love but waiting to stumble on it! If you’ve reached this phase, and are lucky a healthy relationship just may be around the corner!

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