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This New Makeup Line Works Live In Your Online Meetings And Helps You Get Video Call-Ready, Virtually. It Would Save So Much Time!

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Sitting comfortably in my tattered T-shirt and shorts and getting a reminder for the prescheduled zoom meeting from my boss is the most panicky situation I’ve been during this pandemic. Yes, you might say that has made me more anxious than being in a public place (cuz, you know corona). Of course, I want to look a bit professional and not like a hobo for my online meeting so the only option I have is jump up the bed, pull my messy curly hair in a ponytail and grab my tinted lip balm in the name of makeup before my phone buzzes.

Well, if that ever happened to you, and I am sure it has, there’s a makeup software now that saves all the drama and helps you look ready on your online meetings without going through the tedious process of glamming up. How? Makeup brand L’Oréal Paris has rolled out a virtual makeup line which, according to their website, “embraces our new digital lifestyles and creates looks that can only be achieved online, unlocking a whole new experience of modern makeup.”


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The virtual line features 10 products that are only digitally wearable. This includes lip colours, eye shadows and shimmery faux eyelashes. There are three themes and the 10 filters are called Signature Faces. You can download the products online for free and are compatible with Snapchat’s Snapcam software and Google Duo that you’d need to use for conference video calls. They are basically like the snapchat filters you use while video calling your friend on the app, only more aesthetic and dazzling and designed for online meetings. However, they can be used on Snapchat and Instagram video calls so yay!

The software uses AR technology and tracks your face to put makeup products on it. The themes namely Volumizing Capsules, Plump Shot and Fire Match include a range of makeup textures for different beauty buffs who can try out different looks. This is the first virtual makeup line to ever exist and was created by creative agency Virtue and augmented reality specialist ModiFace. It can be used in conjunction with Snapchat, Instagram, Google Duo, Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts. All you need to do is download the software, set it up and look ready for online parties, office meetings and basically any virtual meet-up without having to wash your face, let alone reaching for your makeup kit. I think it won’t be wrong to say that this virtual makeup line is every lazy Zoomer’s dream come true (including yours truly).


I can’t remember the last time I had an office meeting in a real setting with people who I could see in three-dimension. Before those conference rooms turned into conference video calls and people started living in what seems like a dystopian reality, I could never imagine showing up for meeting like I do now. Not gonna lie, I actually used to make efforts and put some makeup on for my zoom meetings in the beginning but after a certain point of time, I was like meh, who cares! Isn’t everyone practically done with cleaning up and dressing up especially for video calls? I mean, the one good thing that came out of this pandemic was that ditching makeup and embracing natural beauty is finally normalised and we feel liberated bare-faced, even for the online calls, with actual people, yes.

However, with this feature, I think I might give glamming up a second chance. It doesn’t hurt to look nice for an office meeting, especially when the only thing we have to do is switch on a filter. Am I right?

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