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Sophie Choudry Confesses That She Once Had Inhibitions About Wearing A Bikini And Lacked Body Confidence

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We belong to the MTV era (90s kids, where you at?) and have practically grown up watching and idolising the OG VJs more than the musicians. I think at some point of time, I wanted to explore my career options in journalism because I was so inspired by how cool and confident they seemed in front of the camera. I struggled with that as a kid and had terrible stage fright. Well, I never tried to go out there and work on my public speaking skills and now I am a writer; no wonder! However, turns out those fun and super-confident VJs also had their own inhibitions and battles to win. Sophie Choudry who always appeared to be this composed and body confident woman on screen, recently revealed she wasn’t always comfortable with her body and would freak out whenever asked to wear a bikini. I know, we couldn’t have guessed either.

While she was obviously a pro at her job and never stuttered while VJing, she revealed to have dreaded wearing a bikini in the MTV days because she didn’t feel confident about the curves and imperfections on her body. But she doesn’t feel that way anymore and has learned to love herself and the pretty little flaws that make her unique. Through an Instagram post, she made the confession about how she too had inhibitions and insecurities once, regardless of how body confident she seemed to everyone.

She wrote, “A lot of people probably think I was always this body confident.. Truth be told, when I was asked to wear a bikini back in the MTV days, it would totally freak me out.. to the point of wanting to quit!! I felt everyone around me was skinny & here I was, full of curves, flaws & superficial confidence.” In this post, she was proudly showing off her curves in a red bikini. Because, she doesn’t feel uncomfortable in her skin anymore.

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She goes on to say that it actually took her a long time to embrace herself and celebrate her flaws. She wrote, “ It took years for me to understand how important it is to love yourself, to work on your physical and mental health & to accept that the most glorious thing about me, is that I’m we all are. Even now, on some days I feel fitter/happier/prettier than on others but I embrace it all & just get back on track. None of us are perfect, we all have our insecurities, but try to be kind to yourself and you will see how even your flaws become beautiful because quite frankly, being perfect is boring!” We completely agree.

Sophie Choudry is one of the fittest celebrities in Bollywood as of now and although it might sound strange to hear that someone who has an envious body like hers once hesitated to show it off in a swimsuit, this isn’t that surprising. A lot of women struggle with body image issues, regardless of how perfect other people assume them to be. There have been a few celebrities who haven’t felt that way. Jennifer Lopez who is blessed with the hottest bod’ on the planet also has had body image issues in the past. Closer home, celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez and Ileana D’Cruz have opened up about their struggles with body image. It’s not uncommon for women to have a great body and still feel conscious about it, but the important thing is to learn to love yourself, regardless of what body shape or type you are blessed with. Just like Sophie amazingly did.  

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