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Sara Ali Khan’s Kit Kat Sling Bag Is So Cool! It Reminded Us Of All The Offbeat Bags Bollywood Stars Have Paraded In The Past

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Aren’t bags the coolest of all accessories or what? Be it a teensy sling hanging across your body with your tee and denim or classy clutch you pair with a saree, the right bag can elevate your look like nothing else. However, we are particularly a sucker for fun, statement-making bags that are absolute head-turners. These funky bags could have a jazzy 3D design or a snappy slogan or be food-inspired. Remember the pineapple bag from Forever 21? Well, here’s another yummy bag that recently made an appearance. Take a look at this Kit Kit bag that Sara Ali Khan wore with her casual white outfit for her brunch. Although her look is pretty simple, it was her quirky and scrumptious bag that fetched all the attention.


The cute bag has a chain strap and looks exactly like a kit kat bar. The small cross-body bag is a perfect accessory for a weekend brunch date and we totally love the millennial aesthetics of it. Plus, it is roomy enough to keep your phone, wallet, a little bit of makeup and of course, a bottle of sanitizer and is priced at just INR 900. Sara matched her red bag with another statement accessory of the season, a red checkered face mask which brought the whole look together. 

Sara’s too cool for school bag actually took us back to other stylish and completely offbeat bags that the Bollywood stars have taken to the streets in the past. Although their wardrobes are full of designer totes and fancy clutches, there have been some fun and striking pieces that made us run to the stores and buy ourselves a chic bag like theirs too. Here are all the times other Bollywood celebs purses and bags made us swoon other their style.

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We’re all hearts for Ananya Panday’s cute micro bag. If Sara Ali Khan’s Kit Kat bag is apt for Chocolate Day, this heart-shaped mini bag is what we are carrying for Valentine’s day date night. Although it wouldn’t be able to fit anything else other than your favourite red lipstick, it’s hella adorable and that’s what matters.


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Kareena Kapoor’s slogan clutch is pretty cool but it has a story behind it. Bebo’s fans would know what the word “guts” have to do with the actress. You see, Kareena and Co. have a whatsapp group called Guts where they send each other fashion faux pas made by other celebs. According to us, this look won’t make it to that group chat cuz it’s super stylish.


Why carry one, when you can carry two? Alia Bhatt probably has a lot to carry around with her, which is basically all of us all the time, and this quirky bag makes for the perfect bag to keep all your things close without ever worrying about inadequate space. This unconventional trendy bag is from Chanel and we love how fab it looks on a casual outfit. 

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