Is Marriage The Ultimate Solution To Solving Women’s Problems? 5 Reasons Why We Think It’s Not!

Shaadi is not the answer!
Is Marriage The Ultimate Solution To Solving Women’s Problems? 5 Reasons Why We Think It’s Not!

Let’s be honest guys, how many times have you been asked about your plans to get married? Being a woman, one of the most asked questions has to be “Shaadi ka kya socha hai?“. Sadly, our society is obsessed with ensuring that a woman’s existence is attached to that of a man, be it her father, her brother or her husband. And in 2024, this still hasn’t changed. What’s worse is that many a time, we’re told that the answer to all of our problems lies in marriage. “Goa jaana hai? Shaadi kar lo, husband ke saath jaana!”, “Best friend ke ghar pe sleepover karna hai? Shaadi kar lo fir karna”, “Ladki haath se nikal gayi hai, shaadi kara do” – these are just some examples of women being told that marriage is the ULTIMATE solution.

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Despite being independent and career-oriented, women from all fields are always asked about their intentions to marry, and what they look for in a partner and how do they plan to manage their career after marriage and what not. On the other hand, men are asked about their professional hardships and their struggles and journeys. But suno, ye shaadi is not the answer to everything! ICYMI, here are some reasons why shaadi is not the ultimate solution to women’s problems.

Timeline Troubles

While getting married is often seen as an important step in anyone’s life, there is unnecessary pressure on women to ‘marry at the right age’ or ‘to marry before you lose your charm’. This has put women on a constant timeline, making them compromise on other essential things in their lives. So, it seems more like a problem than a solution!

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Career Vs. Marriage

Even now, many women quit their jobs and careers to ‘concentrate on their family’ after marriage, this has been a practice that is infused into the minds of people all around. Planning a life based on your marriage and family has been a gender-defined role for women, to keep up with the tag of ‘A good wife’. If anything, marriage seems to be a hurdle in the lives of career-oriented women!

List Khatam Kab Hogi?

Getting to a marriage-appropriate age is a nightmare for some women. As you age, a new set of rules falls onto your plate. These expectations are not only unrealistic but also fail to consider what women want in their lives. Given that, these rules are mostly based on how people around you perceive you as a woman, the list of expectations is never-ending! Zindagi jiyen ya society ki expectations ka bojh uthayen?

Forced Union

Women in a few places in India have still been forced to marry against their will, with a daughter’s marriage being the top priority for most households. But how does it help solve your problems? Women have been taking care of themselves and solving their problems for ages, but society’s obsession with assuming that having a man’s name after a woman has made marriage a social construct. Zabaradasti doesn’t sound very fun!

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Parental Choices

Over the years, we have heard people around us go on and on about a woman’s role in the household and in looking after kids. Society is far from accepting that not all women aspire to be mothers, and marriage doesn’t define a woman’s ability to be a complete and fulfilled individual. ‘Starting a family’ is the next step that a woman is forced into without considering her personal choices and needs. Erm, ye toh extra burden ho gaya, not a solution at all!


So the next time someone asks you when you plan to marry, we just say “Apko itni jaldi hai toh aap karlo, aunty!”

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