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Nushrrat Bharuccha Has A DIY Hack For Eye Bags That You Can Do While On Your Way To The Office

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I love bags but certainly not the ones under my eyes. But that doesn’t stop me from binge watching one more episode at 4 am even though I know I should get some shuteye. Blame the toxic Netflix and it’s neverending playlist! Anyway, eyebags are really frustrating and considering my sleeping schedule, I highly doubt it would go naturally. I always wonder how these celebrities shoot night and day and still end up with clear skin and no eye bags. 

I’ll let you in on a secret. They do get these skin woes but take such good care on-the go, they reverse the effect. And, it’s not always pricey creams, extra long skincare routines and tips they get from the beauty experts on duty. Sometimes, it’s the humble home remedies they learn from their moms and grandmoms that do the trick. Nushrrat Bharuccha just admitted to have had eye bags too for which she followed this easy hack that her mom insisted she does, to get rid of them.

In an interview with an entertainment portal, the Ajeeb Dastaans star shared a lot of beauty and makeup tips and products that she trusts. Upon being asked about a home remedy she has learnt from the women in her house, she said, “I remember once I was shooting all nights for a film, 40 nights I had short and I had terrible eye bags. So my mom would wake up every morning and give me that chai ka potli (tea bag) that I would put on my eyes and travel to set in the car with those things on my eyes.” 

This would literally just take us 15 minutes to do this skincare hack and score healthy under eyes while we are on our way to college or office in a car or a cab or even at home while listening to music. This is so easy and doesn’t even need you to shell out big bucks.    

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Nushrrat also shared her skincare routine and the products she relies on for healthy skin. Again, it’s mostly natural ingredients that you can easily get. Talking about her morning routine, she shared a brilliant hack. She said, “I wake up, wash my face and the first thing I do is put a good Vitamin C serum mixed with vitamin E oil. Now, the vitamin E oil, I buy the actual oil. Vitamin E is very easily available to you at a medical store. So, just pick up some capsules and mix the C and E. It’s the first thing I do in the morning.” 

For her bedtime skincare too, she uses natural oils along with her skincare products. “I went and bought these natural oils from this one nature therapy kind of thing which is jojoba cold pressed oil and flaxseed cold pressed oil which I use on a daily basis. I fluctuate between the two. I take one pump of it, rub it on my face and sleep in the night. So instead of other creams which are supposedly also very good, I do this as well. I use these natural cold pressed oils,” she said.

From tea bags to natural oils, these ingredients and home remedies could really change your skincare game. Tea is rich in antioxidants and the caffeine present in it can help narrow the blood vessels around your eyes, reducing dark circles, eye bags and puffiness. Refrigerate used tea bags (black or green tea) for half an hour and keep it on your eyes for 15-20 minutes daily. Moisturise and use an eye cream twice a day to keep these under eye issues at bay.  

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