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Nora Fatehi Breaks Down While Talking About The Struggle During Her Initial Days In Bollywood

February 25, 2021 | by Mitali Shah

Ever since Kangana Ranaut has made nepotism in Bollywood a national issue, I always wonder how difficult it is to get into the film industry without having Karan Johar’s number on speed-dial. Of course, we’ve heard testimonies of celebrities who’ve made it big without any connections. Many have revealed to have gotten bullied, blatantly mocked and even subjected to the casting couch. Cracking into the industry and getting your big break is much, much tougher than it sounds. Of course, it’s not impossible. Talking about her initial days in Bollywood and all the struggle and rejection she faced, Nora Fatehi says that in reality, Bollywood was nothing like she’d imagined. We are so glad she continued to strive and didn’t give up in the face of adversity!

Nora Fatehi is hands down one of the most talented dancers we have in the industry today. From ‘Dilbar’ to ‘Saki Saki’, there is no doubt that she blew our minds with every belly-dance move. However, her journey to fame hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns. She faced hurdles at every step but she never lost hope.

Talking about her initial days in the industry in a recent interview, Nora Fatehi said, “We were so excited and so naive. When I reached India, it was nothing like (what I had imagined). I was thinking I’ll get picked up by a limousine and a butler, and they’re going to take me to a suite, and I would go to my auditions in that limo. It was nothing like that. I had the biggest slap in my face. The bullying, the rejection, the traumatic experience that I went through.”


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She further went on to talk about all the things she overcame to get to where she is today. From bullying to getting deported, her journey was filled with evil people who were trying to tear her down. Nora Fatehi said, “If someone had told me that these are all the things I was going to go through — ‘You’re going to meet evil people, they’re going to steal your passport, you’re going to get deported, you’re going to go back to Canada and people are going to laugh at you. How do you go from a developed country to a developing country? You’re going to go back to India, you’re going to fight, learn the language, and you’re going to meet people who’re going to laugh at you on the way, they’re going to laugh in your face’.”

Nora recalls how directors would call her in for auditions and mock her by making her recite Hindi dialogues. She said, “They would start laughing together, high-fiving each other. She always thought to herself “How f****g dare you, wait till I leave. Don’t do it in front of my face.”

This is horrible. How can people be so cruel? I am sure they must be regretting their misbehaviour today. To get to where she is today, Nora Fatehi has fought battles and won. She didn’t give up hope and kept chasing her dream. Obviously, it couldn’t have been easy to go through all that. She said in the interview that if anyone would’ve endured even 50 per cent of what she was put through, they would’ve lost hope. We agree. Nora’s strength and determination are inspirational.

She said in the interview, “I think that any girl or even a guy, who had gone though all that, would have been shattered. They would have lost hope. If a human loses hope, it’s the worst thing. I keep thinking that even if 50 per cent of the things that I went through if a girl or a guy went through, it would have been one more person in the world that we would have lost. They could have been a great person, a person who made an impact, a difference in the world.”

More power to Nora Fatehi!


Mitali Shah

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