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Mother’s Day: A Guide To Scoring An At-Home Spa Experience For Your Mom

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Moms are always on their toes, doing chores and making sure everyone in the family gets what they want and is healthy and happy. And amidst this, she often forgets to take care of herself, let alone sparing time for self-care. It’s only once in a while that she goes to a salon to get a beauty treatment and indulges in some relaxing spa activities. Or when you tag her along or spoil her on special occasions by treating her to a spa day. Since Mother’s Day is next week, and there’s no hope for lockdown to open, the best gift you can give her is to create a DIY home spa.

Whether you had plans to take her to a spa or she is missing her monthly beauty appointments at her favourite salon, you can bring it to her. You can be a rookie, no worries. You are doing it to create an amazing spa experience for your mum; results can vary. At least, you both will have fun and she would appreciate the gesture. We have rounded up some really affordable and easy ideas to create your own DIY spa at home and treat yo mum this Mother’s Day. Trust me, the toughest part of this would be convincing your mom to take out some time from her packed schedule and let you pamper her. Here’s hoping.

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Fix her a luxe bath

If you have those fancy bathtubs at your home, half your work is done. Simply bring out your bath salts, bath bombs and essential oils and draw her a relaxing bath. Play her favourite music and open a bottle of red wine if that is what she fancies. Or if she’s more of a reader, keep a book. If not, you can still give her a luxe bath experience by dimming the lights and placing scented candles in the bathroom. A long, warm shower is just as relaxing and therapeutic.

Give Her A Hair Spa

You can easily pull off a DIY hair spa at home. It’s one of the easiest spa activities that you can do yourself and that too on a budget. Start with a hot oil massage. Shampoo her hair salon style, condition with a hair mask and wrap a damp towel (dip in warm water and squeeze) around her hair. Rinse and dry it with a hair dryer. You could also style her hair as she wants after the spa.

Foot rub


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No woman would ever deny a foot rub. Massaging tired feet can be heavenly relaxing and if your mom has never had it experienced in a salon, you can introduce it to her by giving her a DIY foot rub. Learn the steps and pressure points beforehand. Get any natural oil, one with a nice fragrance would be a great choice, and warm it up. Slowly massage her feet while she sits back and feel the pain and muscle tension melt away.


The easiest salon treatment you can give your mom is a manicure. We are not talking about just painting her nails, though. She deserves a little more effort than that. However, it’s still pretty easy. Simply start by exfoliating her hands and moisturising it. Clip, clean and buff her nails and apply her favourite nail colour. You can also give her a pretty nail art (search for nail art hacks if you are a noob). She will love it.



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You can easily cheat a salon-like facial even if you never got one yourself. The basic skincare steps apply to it with an added massaging step. Wash her face, exfoliate and massage. Cover the face with a damp warm towel for 10 minutes. Use a toner, face mask and end it with a moisturiser. Make sure you keep hers and your phone on silent and let her indulge in the treatment.

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