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Mandira Bedi Says She Doesn’t Have A PR Team To Keep Changing Her Age On Wikipedia. She’s Okay With Aging Naturally

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Ageing is natural and not a bad thing at all, right? That’s true. Of course, beauty companies would like you to believe otherwise because they are peddling creams, lotions and potions to look younger than you are. But I mean, it’s not unhealthy or fatal or something that happens to only a few people? So, then how come we stress over the first wrinkle or grey hair we spot in the mirror? Women especially have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they are getting older and thus fall for corrective measures and beauty procedures to get rid of ageing signs and look younger. Although it’s a personal choice, somewhere this eagerness to hold on to your youth stems from the societal beauty norms which expect women to look beautiful and young as long as they can. I don’t understand what’s the big deal about getting older or showing grey hair and fine lines, when absolutely everyone ages and gets wrinkly and saggy as they age. 

Since celebrities are followed and imitated by everyone and often asked about their beauty secrets, the burden to make a change and challenge the notion of ageless beauty falls naturally on them. And some are actually doing that by being a remarkable example for women by embracing their age and not getting botox and fillers. Mandira Bedi is definitely one of them. She has aged like a fine wine, that too naturally without having any cosmetic procedures and corrective surgeries. She says it’s not ‘her thing’, but ageing gracefully is. 

In an interview with a publication, Bedi said, “I have a thing against using botox and fillers. That’s not my thing at all. My face is what it is. It is ageing the way it is. I like to keep it real.” She confessed to having never gone under the knife and has no plans to try these surgeries in the future too. She added, “I have not injected anything into my face, I have not tried any unnatural process to change the way I look. I am all-natural and want to keep it that way as long as I can.”

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It was not always easy for her either. She also admitted in the interview that her age used to bother her a few years ago, but she doesn’t feel the need to hide it anymore. There was a time in my 30s when the age on Wikipedia used to bother me because I am not someone who has a strong PR team who would keep changing my age. My real age is out there and I used to feel that, ‘oh my God, my age is out there.’ Now I have nothing to hide about my age.” 

At 40, Mandira Bedi feels comfortable with not only her age and being real about it but also embraces ageing signs and doesn’t feel the need to hide them either. She said, “Ever since I turned 40, I just feel people are appreciative of the fact that I am what I am. I try to keep authentic and I try to keep real, that has been my mantra from age 40 onwards.” She further added, “As far as ageing is concerned, I am not a person who believes in anything unnatural. I have got lines on my forehead, so be it, the laugh lines add to my personality.”

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