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How Comfortable Fashion Is The New Normal And The Trends To Watch Out For This Summer

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It’s hard to believe we used to spend the whole day wearing stiff trousers, structured tops, fitted skirts and heavily embellished outfits for special occasions. After practically living in sweats and cotton T-shirts for a year now, I don’t mind PJs becoming a socially acceptable clothing for work and weddings. With the change in lifestyle, our sartorial choices also changed and breathable fabric, sustainable fashion and relaxed clothing became priority for even the fashion-forward customers. There would hardly be anyone who would want to go back to the same fussy silhouettes and crisp styles. Plus, we are already on the onset of summer which makes the need for comfortable fashion even more imminent. Fashion brands realise this and after navigating the waters, a lot of them are coming up with relevant and suitable collections for summer that cater to us home-bound souls. 

Fabindia’s latest summer collection ‘The Fab Summer of 2021’ is influenced by the changed lifestyle and the obvious inclination of customers towards relaxed and breezier styles. Branched into five capsule wardrobes inspired by the different moods of summer, these collections feature comfortable fashion pieces that range from loungewear, occasion wear and casual wear. These include kaftans, kurtas, sarees and roomy tops and comfy trousers for women and slim shirts, Nehru jackets for men. The clothes are sustainable, versatile and aesthetically designed for the hottest temps and have a soothing and refreshing colour palette apt for summer. We talked to Dipali Patwa, Group Head of Brand & Community at Fabindia about how customer preferences have changed in terms of fashion post lockdown, some summer trends to look out for and their latest collection which prominently focus on comfort. Read the full interview.

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1. Tell us about the latest summer collection. What is it inspired from?

DP: Summer of 2021, brace yourselves as lifestyles change and a good kaftan has become an acceptable work from home attire! With the sundowners being in your balconies and backyards, we wanted to bring the ease of summer clothing combined with the lounge-like vibe back into the mix.


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2. What is it that customers look for when it comes to fashion post-lockdown?

DP: The consumer is looking for trust and trying to find loyalty. The importance of human touch and experience is top of mind. The “home wear” wardrobe and “work-leisure” styles that are easy and comfortable will stay on trend this summer.

3. What are some trends and new styles we are going to see in loungewear this year?

DP: Leisure wear is going to be the new normal. Comfy kaftans to peppy pajama styles that can go from bed to your zoom desk.


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4. How do you harmonise the conventionally heavy and embellished festive wear with comfort? Does that compromise with design aesthetics? 

DP: Authenticity, sustainability and craft will drive design. Comfort with craft, style with substance, less is more!

5. Share some tips for modern millennial women to make their wardrobe summer-ready.

DP: Stay authentic, be yourself, support brands that offer you more than a product; they offer you a community, an experience. After all, isn’t that what we are all truly learning and striving for especially as we come out of this pandemic?

The first collection drops Friday on 9th April and the other four will be launched in phases subsequently. We can’t wait to slip into breeziest and fuss-free styles this summer!

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