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Ira Khan Talked About Her Struggles With Body Image And Fasting For 15 Days For Weight Loss

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Positive body image and self-love are concepts that have recently gotten popular in mainstream media. However, as someone who has struggled with body image issues every day, I feel that while these concepts are ideal in theory, they are difficult to follow in reality. I believe that a lot of it has to do with how we’re taught to be skinny and not healthy. This ends up with people associating even the slightest weight gain to shame. And people like me find solace in knowing that this is not our struggle alone. Ira Khan, daughter of Aamir Khan, opened up about her struggles with her body image and weight gain.

Ira Khan posted a series of pictures from her trip to Germany with her boyfriend, Nupur Shikhare. Her location shows that she was at a wellness and fasting clinic in Germany called Buchinger Wilhelmi.  In her caption, Ira details that she has been on a fast for 15 days to lose 20 kgs. She said that she hasn’t been too great in the “self motivation and self image department.” Same Ira, same. 


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Ira Khan then says that she has been active for most of her life and has gained weight in the past 4-5 years which has been affecting her mental health. “I’ve been very inactive. I’ve put on 20kgs. And it’s been really messing with my head,” Ira details.

However, she seems hopeful and talked about her goals for Germany. She says that she hasn’t lost a lot of weight in number, and says that she wouldn’t have been able to sustain that weight loss anyway. But she has found motivation and wants to try harder now. I, for one, am super happy for her. Ira Khan wrote, “I learnt some cool things. Things in the self work department and general life epiphanies that I’m really looking forward to sharing. A lot of them are practices that I need to start doing myself. So as I do, I’ll be sharing them. I’m pretty determined. Let’s see how it goes.

As someone who realises how disheartening this process can be, I feel motivated by how determined Ira is. Battle with body image issues and the shame related to fat and weight gain is more harmful than most realise. I hope Ira Khan along with the rest of us can find the true motivation to focus on themselves and get mentally and physically healthier.

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