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Women Proudly Show Off Wrinkles, Grey Hair, Scars In Decade-Apart Photos In This Twitter Thread. It’s So Wholesome!

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The society is tainted with superficial beauty standards and doesn’t refrain from prescribing it to generations to come. Women are often fed this messed up idea that they should be holding on to their youth as long as they can and need to look perfect at all times, because god forbid if they get a wrinkle or a strand of grey hair. It would be the end of the world, for them. That’s the reason why most women freak out after spotting the first wrinkle or even a minor scar on their face. However, these scars, laugh lines and grey hair are simply the testimony of the life you’ve lived and experiences you’ve gained. Why would anyone want to hide that?

These so-called imperfections are, in fact, the milestones of beauty you reach when you age. And, these women on twitter demonstrate this with their decade apart photos featuring scars, grey hair, wrinkles, laugh lines and a few extra inches on the waist that they gained or even inches lost in the course of 10 years. It all started when a Twitter user shared her picture flaunting greys with the caption, “What 37 looks like, loving the gray at my temples” and this inspired others to share their 10-year-challenge pictures too and show off how they’ve embraced ageing and other imperfections proudly.

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There came a trail of empowering tweets that screamed self-love and smashed the societal beauty stereotypes, one picture at a time. A user shared a throwback picture from 10 years ago and the one from now with the caption, “M tempted too… So 30’s and 40’s Wrinkles, ageing n’ all but touchwood….embrace is tighter & smiles r wider! Thats all i pray for, in coming decades too.” Another user wrote, “48 and 58. As the saying goes, Age imprints more wrinkles on the mind than it does on the face.” A user shared her pictures and wrote, “29 and 39. They say, you haven’t laughed enough if you don’t have wrinkles and you are not wise enough if you don’t have grey hair. I have both.”

A user also shared how she got better with age because she invested time and energy in getting fitter and healthier. She posted the picture of her weight transformation and wrote, “That’s 37 to 47 for me… I guess, just investing some time on myself and consciously eating worked for me..I ate what I wanted, in moderation, I drank too, guess I just loved Life and it worked for me…” This is the best Twitter thread we have come across in a while and it’s so wholesome and beautiful.

We love how the things society tells you to cover up with makeup and toxic dyes are finally being normalised by these powerful women. Ageing has always been perceived as a negative concept, despite being a natural and normal occurrence. What’s worse is that men are not judged for their wrinkles and greys, as harshly as women. In fact, the salt and pepper look and laugh line are considered attractive on men, while women struggle with these ageing signs and do everything under the sun to avoid, conceal and reverse these natural signs of growing up. We need more women like these who not only embrace and normalise ageing but also show how beautiful it is.

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