#HauteSounds: Watch Coldplay Bike Around Mexico In Their New Music Video!

Coldplay Music Video Featured_Hauterfly

I am a huge Coldplay fan. Each time one of their songs plays, I stop everything and lose myself in the music. My personal favourites are Paradise and A Sky Full of Stars. There is just something about their music that enables you to connect on a personal level, no?

Are you a Coldplay fan as well? If so, have you watched their latest music video yet? Yes, Coldplay recently created a new video for A Head Full of Dreams, from their 2015 album. You can watch it here:

The video has been directed by Marcus-Haney and was filmed this April, in Mexico. It primarily features footage on the band’s sold-out Latin American tour and is infectious AF.

The music video is also pretty unique, in that it opens with Charlie Chaplin’s monologue from the film The Great Dictator. Coldplay has also used this scene multiple times, at the beginning of their recent concerts. This is then followed by grainy shots of Mexico and its people, gradually giving way to the band members arriving on screen on bicycles.

After that, the video largely revolves around their concert, making you feel like you were there too, along with hundreds of others. It’s that energetic and pumped up! In a nutshell, the video’s a confetti-filled, vibrant one that’ll give you all the right feels. The song, as we already know, is super catchy.

What’re you waiting for? Go hit play already!

Sanjana Subramanian

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