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Athiya Shetty’s Skincare Ritual For Healthy, Glowing Skin Will Literally Take You Less Than A Minute. And, Just One Ingredient!

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If you ever happened to stumble upon (which means deliberately dropped by) Athiya Shetty’s Instagram feed and caught yourself staring at her beautiful skin in those skin-kissed selfies, you are def not alone. Guilty, but not alone. We have all been there. The first thing we notice on any celebrity’s no makeup picture on social media is how gorgeous their skin is. We often convince ourselves by saying it’s just a part of their job and it’s probably good genes and skin experts at their disposal, but the truth is it’s the self-care, a proper skincare routine and skin-loving ingredients that makes these celebs glow like a star (pun intended). How do we know that they actually work for good skin? Through the same social media that we lose ourselves in a trance looking at their flawless skin. 

Athiya Shetty not only posts envious and incredibly serene pictures from her garden and balcony, but also shares beauty secrets from time to time. Which is exactly why we drop by her account so often, BTW and not to stare at her gorgeous hair or perfect skin. Anyway. She just posted a video revealing her number one ingredient for good skin and it’s something you might be having in your home right now. She trusts Vitamin E for healthy and moisturised skin and showed how she uses it through an Instagram video. 

In the video, she simply empties the contents of a Vitamin E capsule that is easily available OTC. She uses the scissors to cut the capsule and squeeze its oil in a bowl. Then she applies it over her face and massages it gently into the skin in an upward motion. She captioned the video, “Skin Service Vitamin E is an excellent anti-oxidant! It nourishes and hydrates your skin. This worked brilliantly for me I hope it does for you too.” However, she also added, “PLEASE consult your dermatologist or doctor before using it,” as you should before trying out any alien skincare ingredient.


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Vitamin E has umpteen beauty benefits for your skin, nails and hair. It is a fat-soluble nutrient that undo the damage caused by sun,acne scars, ageing signs like dark spots and effects of pollution on the face. A potent antioxidant, Vitamin E can help you achieve healthy, youthful skin in no time. Since the oil is a natural moisturiser, it is godsend for dry skin. Plus, it also helps soothing and healing sensitive and irritated skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. So if your skin has a habit of acting up, you can rely on this skin hero. However, if you have oily skin, it can block your pores because of its thick consistency so consult your derma before incorporating it in your skincare routine.    

Athiya Shetty’s skincare ritual is so easy and effortless that the beauty minimalist me is really excited to try it out. Those really extensive face masks and homemade packs are really exhausting but this seems like something I could totally fit into my busy schedule. Also, seeing her skin glow as soon as she applied the Vitamin E made me wonder if that’s how she aces the heavenly glow in all her photos. Because, I think I just got an excellent skincare tip but also a quick hack to fake a dewy and hydrated skin for my no-makeup selfies in one video. Fake it till you make it, right!

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