5 Things Desi Parents Do To Their Daughters That Reek Of Double Standards

5 Things Desi Parents Do To Their Daughters That Reek Of Double Standards

Desi parents have always been overprotective towards their daughters and many of their reason are justified so. The restrictions they put on their daughters from a young age have always hampered them in the future. Be it personal or professional choices, many times Indian parents have asked their daughters to choose a path that they deem fit and it is in such situations that she has to compromise always. There have been times when their thought processes have been quite contradictory to what they have asked their daughters to do, which is a subtle way of saying that Indian parents have displayed double standards. So, here are five instances when Indian parents did this which made us go, “haan ye karlo pehle!”

1. When they warned you against talking to boys but then expect you to have an arranged marriage

I am sure if you are a woman reading this, all your life your parents must have warned you against talking to boys. And if possible, they also must have enrolled you in an all-girls school also. Because of this, you try not to engage in conversations with boys and it kinda makes you socially awkward as well. But when you turn 25, they start randomly showing photos of “eligible boys” for you to get married to! So, you can’t talk to stranger boys but can marry them?

2. They impart zero sex education and then pressurise to have kids after marriage

Well well well! Indian parents do not believe in imparting sex education and they always shy away from talking about “bedroom matters”. But once their daughter is two years into her marriage, they start pressurising her into making babies with her husband!

3. Their daughters are old enough to get married but not to go on trips

I have rarely seen Indian parents give permission to their daughters to on trips because they think that they are not old or experienced enough. But the most she hits her early 20s, they feel she is eligible to be married!

4. Indian parents insist that they do not treat their sons and daughters differently, but they clearly do

Let’s be honest. Sons in the family have always been given more freedom than daughters. But it is especially more annoying when Indian parents insist that they have always treated their sons and daughters equally but they never have!

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5. Indian parents are okay with other women working and being successful but would restrict their daughters from working

Indian parents appreciate other working women but would not want their own daughters to have successful careers. Rather, expect her to “settle down” and support her husband.

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