Enjoyed ‘The Crown’ Season 5? Here Are 5 Must-Read Books On British Monarchy You’ll Love

Enjoyed ‘The Crown’ Season 5? Here Are 5 Must-Read Books On British Monarchy You’ll Love

Growing up, I found history to be the most boring subject ever. I felt too lazy to remember all the dates and the names of the important people, to be honest. But I do understand the importance of knowing what all events went down in the past. It is shows like The Crown that make me realise how important it has become to remember history, now. It piqued my interest in knowing more about the British monarchy. The fifth season of the show dropped on Netflix on November 9, 2022. And if you are someone who loved The Crown and wants to know more about the Royals, here are 5 books on the British monarchy that are must-reads!

The Palace Papers – Tina Brown

The Palace Papers is The Sunday Times bestseller and gives insider deets on how the Royal Family re-emerged after the death of Princess Diana’s death. Tina Brown writes about the love affairs that happened, how Prince Charles was determined to make Camilla his wife, and how the Queen continued to keep it all together within the walls of their palace.

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Crown And Sceptre: A New History Of The British Monarchy From William The Conquerer To Elizabeth II – Tracy Borman

This book perfectly traces back how the monarchy came into being. Tracy Borman has penned down its beginning from 1066 to the present day, and how the institution of monarchy evolved with time.

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The People’s Princess – Flora Harding

The People’s Princess sheds light on Princess Diana’s life. How marrying Prince Charles came with a huge price to how she came across the diary of Princess Charlotte of Wales, whose life she related very much to, the detailed account of it all is penned in this book.

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Queen of Our Times – Robert Hardman

This book is the biography of Queen Elizabeth II and it takes the readers through her life as a young girl until the time of peak Covid-19. The book also contains output from those who knew the Queen best and also interviews of world leaders who spoke to her.

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American Princess: The Love Story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – Leslie Carroll

American Princess as the name suggests takes readers through the romance of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The book details how this ‘rule-breaking- marriage came into being, and also details of Prine Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance!

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These books offer a great deal of insight into the Royal Family, and let the readers in on their secrets, too. So, if you have finished watching the season, you can pick up these books and get to know more about the British monarchy.

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