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We Tried This Overnight AHA Serum And Absolutely Loved It

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Skincare has now become such an essential part of my life. If I don’t follow a skincare routine, I might just die. A little exaggerated but you understand my feelings towards skincare routines. Of course when I was young and naive, skincare meant nothing to me. I was all like “idk why people do skincare” then I aged and not like a fine wine, I just aged with acne, wrinkles and other adult people problems.

I have tried out a ton of skincare products on my face. Some impressed me, others not so much. I’m okay with experimenting with skincare products from time to time but please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. It may workout for me but for some it may not. So I decided to give Pure Bubbles a try. I mean since I’m living on the edge so why not, right?

While the name sounds absolutely cute the brand has so much more to offer in terms of skincare. So I tried out their overnight resurfacing serum. Now when you hear the name you assume that your skin will resurface and you’re absolutely right because it contains AHA. For those who don’t know what AHA is let me give you a bit of an insight.

AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid. While this may sound super scary and dangerous this element is in fact a softie. It’s a water soluble acid thats made of sugary fruits and help peel of your skin and give you a newer and more pigmented skin. Hence, the name resurfacing serum.

I’ve tried multiple products with AHA and it’s always been a hell yass for me. And this product it wasn’t any different. I followed my skincare routine did the usual washing, toning, etc and then applied the serum before I went to bed. The bottle comes with a pump so you squeeze up just enough drop it on your face and gently massage and go to sleep and not be on your phone.

That’s exactly what I did and I woke up with a more glowing and fresher face. And not just that it also made my skin softer and smoother to touch. I totally fell in love with this product and would recommend it to anyone out there.


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