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These Makeup Tricks Will Make Your Eyes Appear Brighter

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities have those perfectly-shaped doe eyes that always look awake and bright? It’s the power of makeup, my darlings!

Just a little bit of makeup goes a long way, especially when all you’re looking to do is brighten up your eyes (and your day). Now if you are a person who practically lives at their office, or is constantly staring at a screen or college notes, your eyes do tend to look tired — even if you are not.

While concealer will hide most of it, sometimes all your eyes need are a little focus, framing, shimmer, and shine to fake that twinkle. This video takes you through a couple of hacks that work perfectly for achieving those bigger, brighter eyes.

1. Make sure to fill in your brows — this frames your face, creating a stronger focus around the eyes.

2. Always use a warm brown tone in your crease to enhance dimension and make your eyes look bigger.

3. Use a lighter shade on your lids to brighten up your peepers.

4. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes for that natural-looking twinkle.

5. Take a neutral pencil and line your lower lash line with it.

6. Apply mascara to your bottom and top lashes.

7. Tightline your eyes with a pencil — make sure no residue touches the bottom waterline when you shut your eyes.


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