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Tatiana’s 5-Minute Saviour Face Mask

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When your day consists of a 9-hour shift at work and 3 hours of fighting the tedious commute you contently pretend to shrug off, you would’ve used up all the patience assigned for the day. So for someone like me, sitting with a face mask on till it tightens doesn’t quite tickle my fancy (and it usually doesn’t do the job). But when you’ve got oily, blemish-prone skin like I do, the worst thing you can do give your skin the backseat. Therefore, settling for 25 minutes of aimless waiting is the only option. Until I found my skin’s saviour — the Avène Cleanance Face Mask.


Avène Cleanance Mask

Unlike other face masks, this doesn’t dry up completely (sounds weird doesn’t it). Its texture is more cream-based, with AHA and BHA complex particles that exfoliate your skin when rinsing it off. The plus side for anyone with oily skin, the clay in the mask absorbs all the excess sebum and regulates hyper-production of oil, leaving your skin grease-free. Which means old breakouts dry out and new ones are prevented. Exfoliating, cleansing and soothing — so much action in only 5 minutes!

With this mask around, I get what I want and I don’t even have to waste time on it.

SHOP NOW: Avène Cleanance Mask (Rs 1,320 for 50ml)


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