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UPDATE: Here’s The SECRET Behind Shraddha’s Gorgeous Glow!

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At Hauterfly, we have no qualms in admitting that we spend a major part of our day stalking the sartorial adventures of our favourite celebrities. From the designer threads they’re wearing to how they do their hair and makeup, we know it like the back of our hands.

And one star who’s been trending on our beauty radar for a while now is Shraddha Kapoor. The pretty young actress never tries too hard in the makeup department and always comes off looking fabulous, fresh, and youthful.

See for yourself:


Shraddha Kapoor Lakme in post 1_Hauterfly

Shraddha Kapoor Lakme in post 2_Hauterfly

Shraddha Kapoor Lakme in post 3_Hauterfly

Shraddha Kapoor Lakme in post 4_Hauterfly

Shraddha Kapoor Lakme in post 5_Hauterfly

Shraddha Kapoor Lakme in post 6_Hauterfly

Shraddha Kapoor Lakme in post 7_Hauterfly

Photos: Viral Bhayani

Let’s take a minute to appreciate her flawless skin, shall we? She’s positively glowing and it makes us wonder what magic her makeup artist is wielding. However, we’re willing to bet it has little to do with that. Because let’s just admit that good skin is a result of a couple of important factors — namely, a great diet, a stellar skincare routine, and a solid fitness regime.

Personally, we’re leaning towards believing it’s a fitness program — or a secret diet — that Shraddha’s been following. We all know that beautiful skin is a direct result of your dietary habits, and we’re convinced her glowing complexion has something to do with her diet.

And celebrities are no strangers to specialised diets. While going vegan makes Beyoncé glow, Miley Cyrus has long been an advocate of a gluten-free diet claiming it helped her lose weight and clear up her skin. Meanwhile, Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley recently revealed that the secret behind her stunning skin is a diet devoid of dairy, gluten, sugar, and alcohol.

Closer home, Kareena Kapoor swears by her nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s desi diet, while Parineeti Chopra emerged out of Viva Mayr detox clinic a few kilos lighter and looking like a million bucks. From past interviews, we know that Shraddha likes her daily dose of grilled fish and meats.

However, we’re really curious to know what diet Shraddha Kapoor has been on lately. I mean who wouldn’t want to know, if the end result is a flawless complexion with a lit-from-within glow? What do you think it is? Tell us in the comments below!


UPDATE: We’ve finally discovered Shraddha’s little secret! It’s a daily dose of Lakme’s new Blush & Glow Gel Facewash!



* This is a dedicated post in collaboration with Lakmé.


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