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L’Oréal Just Dropped A Beauty And The Beast Makeup Line!

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Okay, so, I could go on and on about how much I used to love the Beauty And The Beast, how I love that they’re recreating it, and above all, how the feminist in me loves that Emma Watson will be playing Bell. Plus, she’s made some not-so-damsel-in-distress changes to the plot-line. Although, let’s be real, Belle was probably one of the coolest princesses, next to Mulan. Anyway, now that all that is out of the way, my makeup junkie soul also has a reason to celebrate — a new Beauty And The Beast makeup line by L’Oréal!


The makeup kit will be sold as one whole box and individually, as well. It will include 7 lipsticks and 7 nail polish colours to match the lipsticks, with each shade named after a character in the movie. How very Disney, right? The lipsticks will be part of the Color Riche line by L’Oréal Paris.


Unfortunately, they won’t be available anywhere in the world except in Europe. They will retail online on Amazon Italy, but again, that won’t be shipping worldwide. The collection has hit stores now, so if you know anyone going to Europe…you better start strategising ways to get your hands on ’em goodies!


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