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OMG! Your Lipstick May Have A Secret Feature You Don’t Know About

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This right here is exactly why we’re obsessed with beauty bloggers! If it weren’t for @kittenqueen, we would’ve never discovered that the budget-friendly, highly-pigmented E.L.F Cosmetics’ Moisturizing Lipsticks have a section that pops off. Here’s how the big revelation began.

There was a little speculation about the bottom, pop-off section being a lip balm, but thanks to the spokespeople at E.L.F., the Internet soon discovered that the cubes are swatches. How convenient is that?

#HauteTip: These swatches can also be used as lip balms or for quick touch-ups.

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And so, the Internet kind of lost its mind over the news.

But wait, not so fast — this isn’t the only lipstick with ultra-cool abilities. Here are a few more, a few that you might just have in your makeup bag.







And these are just a few. We believe makeup has all kinds of magical abilities, so keep on the lookout for a hidden feature. For example, this.



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