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I Don’t Normally Recommend Facials But This One From Dermalogica Has Changed My Mind. My Skin Is Glowing

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Perhaps life’s biggest tragedies is that you’ve only have one face to work with. Some would argue that it has to be the family – you don’t get to choose that – or your money situation – you can’t choose an income level to be born into, but allow me to be superficial for a bit. Also, but the sake of this article and because I am trying to make a point, let’s go with the face is that only thing you can’t really change.

And so, given that I have what I have to work with, I try to take care of this face. So I have a skin care routine that I follow diligently, never sleeping with my makeup on and actually using a jade roller. Yes, I am that efficient. So when Dermalogica invited me to try the facial at a Lakme Absolute Salon, I was smug. ‘How much better could my skin get?’ I thought.

To cut a long story short, they made me eat humble pie. So, on one Friday, I headed over to the Lakme Absolute Salon in Bandra where I was first asked to fill in a form so they could get all the details on how my skin was behaving at that point. I was earnest but also I was up for a challenge.

I was ushered into a coz y room, ensconced in a blanket and nearly snoring, when my aesthetician walked in holding a very cool device. This was a tablet with the Dermalogica Face Mapping tool which took a picture of the face and them quickly told the aesthetician what she needed to know about the various parts of my face. Where I was dehydrated, where there was pigmentation and what bits were absolutely fine.

Once my aesthetician knew what she was working with, she start with the facial. The first few steps were regular – cleansing, toning, moisturising. She then moved on to add a chemical peel, used steam to loosen up the gunk in my pores and extracted them. I died at this point because despite my skincare routine, I have never really extracted my blackheads. I only do it when I get facials. Also because it makes me a cry a little. Then, a cooling mask was applied, I was given my massage and I kid you not, my skin looked absolutely fabulous. Squeaky clean and clear. And after that, my skin has been behaving as well. A lot of my congestion has cleared up and white heads and black heads have taken their time to come back. I recommend!

I don’t love facials. I don’t like people touching my face, most of the salon ladies get extremely aggressive with the scrubs and I always come out with breakouts. This one was different and pleasant. More importantly, I emerged with better skin. Derma

I swear by my skincare routine and won’t stop but occasionally, I will stop by to get my facial. Because if that’s how clean and glow-y my skin can look, I want it.

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