Huma Qureshi Talks About Body Shaming And It’s Like She Has Stolen Words Right Out Of Our Mouths!

Huma Qureshi Talks About Body Shaming And It’s Like She Has Stolen Words Right Out Of Our Mouths!

I am not a people’s person. I am the kind to actively avoid being around people or in their proximity, and would choose to spend my time cuddling with my dog and binge watching a TV show as opposed to making small talk with people in flesh and blood. But in my defense, I hadn’t always been like this. I’m an extrovert by nature and my aversion to humankind is pretty recent. It’s worse now because people find it important to point it out to me in not so subtle ways that I have lost a lot of weight. Yes, thank you but my jeans falling off my ass is pretty telling. And it is such unnecessary and unsolicited shaming that gets mine and Leila actress Huma Qureshi’s blood boiling, for Bollywood has set such unrealistic beauty standards for women.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan India, the actress who has always been an advocate of self-love and detested the idea of beauty being limited to a certain make-believe version defined by Bollywood, once again opened her heart about the evils of body shaming. She said, “The focus should be on developing personality and individuality, which is more important than having poker-straight hair or a size 24 waist.” We found ourselves agreeing and nodding so hard, our head threatened to fall off.

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The actress further said, “I have so many friends who are shamed for being skinny. Why can’t we just let women and their bodies be? I mean, right now, there are some states in America where women don’t have the right to their bodies. They can’t go through legal abortion. How sad is that? Who gets to decide what we do with our bodies? Why should it be everyone’s problem? Is it not a woman’s personal choice?”

And last we checked, Bollywood was meant to be about acting and getting into the skin of the character. We understand that beauty is a big part of this million dollar industry, but who decides what is beautiful and what is not? Actually, why must we let someone else define what beauty is to us? Powerful and self-aware actresses like Huma Qureshi, Sai Pallavi, Vidya Balan and the likes of them are speaking up against the shackles of beauty and the impossible standards and we know that there is hope.

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You could be fat, thin, dark, fair, tall, short or anything else, but you’d be still beautiful and people need to learn to be accepting of that fact, rather than rejecting it. Literally stealing words out of our mouths, Huma Qureshi has said exactly what needs to be said, again and again till people finally realise how unhealthy and unwelcome such unreal standards are. To hell with them.

Huma, we stand by your words.

Sadhika Sehgal

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