#HauteHack: Here’s How To Fix Broken Eyeshadow

#HauteHack: Here’s How To Fix Broken Eyeshadow

The thought of discarding my make-up products when they’re over is heart-breaking, but when I accidentally drop something and shatter it into a million pieces I die a thousand deaths. This is especially true of my eye shadow palettes and pressed powder compacts. Until I was wiser, I would actually leave them as is — broken inside their containers — then deal with a messed up make-up bag thanks to powder spilled everywhere. Then I learned how to fix them with one (just one!) ingredient and my life was never the same again. The magic ingredient? Rubbing alcohol.

Here’s how you can save — and fix! — your powders:

Step 1:
When you drop your eyeshadow, some pieces break up into chunky pieces while others into smaller bits. Don’t throw anything. Crush everything into a fine powder inside the pan with a cuticle pusher or a Q-tip.

Step 2:
Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the pan and use the Q-tip to mix the powder. If the mixture looks dry or crumbly, add some more alcohol and mix again. Smooth it down with your finger.

Step 3:
Let it sit overnight. The alcohol will dry up by morning and your powder will be back to normal!

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